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Score One For Home Team

I made it through Wednesday without a messy derailment, whew. I’m not quite sure why hump day causes me grief. I did eat a little more than what I intended, but I remained accountable and hopefully the eight miles I walked and 40 minutes on the exercise bike will help even the score.

I was actually quite proud of myself. Plans changed at the last minute, and I still managed to keep on track.

I came home to a quiet house wanting to chomp off my arm, and I’ve been very tired lately. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with the fact that my iron levels are lower than usual. I gave blood last weekend and it barely registered high enough to donate. Since then, I’ve been trying to incorporate more iron in my diet without giving myself permission to eat an entire cow.

I thought about stopping at Steak and Shake on my way home. After all, I had planned to eat a strawberry sundae. That would be just as good of a place as any to get it. Oh and while there, a double cheeseburger would increase my iron levels. I only needed to spin the fries and I would be set.

I drove past the exit and patted myself on the back, but that only gave me 18 minutes to figure out a new plan before I hit my front door. It wasn’t too late to stop at McDonalds, Wendy’s or Taco Bell – I had one last exit. Peddle to the metal, Melissa.

Then I remembered ground bison patties lay waiting in the freezer and Arnold Bagel Thins chilled in the fridge. Next to that was a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, defatted and prepared with whole wheat pasta. My evening started looking up.

Bison is supposed to be leaner than chicken – please, no one tell me that is only a myth – and the soup reminded me that not everything good needs to be covered in chocolate syrup.

I took the dog for a long walk, came home and creeped around Facebook for a little while. I responsibly indulged in a couple evening snacks, and I didn’t even take the bait that Russell tossed my way when he came home bitching about how much homework he still had to do. Tummy full, mouth shut. Good girl.


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  1. You did so well! And that was quite a long walk.

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