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Take The Challenge

I don’t profess a perfect “diet.” As long as the path is nutritionally sound, if it yields lasting results, it is the right one.

For me, I found sustainability with Weight Watchers, but I still question my choice at times. I’ve not been satisfied with the number on the scale, and it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that the problem lies with the “plan.”

I decided instead to ask, “What is different from Week 1 than Week 1201?”

The big picture remains the same. I eat much healthier than I did 100 pounds ago, and I finally understand that exercise plays an important role in weight loss/maintenance.

But in the quest to be the Perfect Weight Watcher who believed I may never actually be good enough, somewhere I shifted to, “Ah, that’s good enough.” Huh?

During Week 1, everything that entered my mouth found a notation on a food journal, but now, is it good enough to journal four out of seven days? How about free days? Is it good enough to follow program five days out of the week? Is my eyeball good enough to track portion control?

That’s where I’ve been stuck, and as a result I’ve been wondering if the number on the scale is also good enough. Part of me knew I was lying to myself, but yesterday I got a well-placed slap in the face.

Russell was making a video for school, and he wanted to show me his final clip. As I watched I saw someone’s huge ass enter the background scene. Holy shit, it was me! OK in all fairness, my big fatty is nowhere near the size it was 100 pounds ago, but that is not the butt that I have tucked away as a mental image.

I can’t depend on someone to give me feedback like that. Lyle certainly won’t step on that mine field – he’s not stupid, and my extended family still has a hard time reconciling my size now with what it used to be. Friends don’t tell friends they’re putting on pounds. Photos don’t lie, but it’s not like I’m asking anyone to take pictures of my ass. The video clip was more than a little eye opening.

I wonder if perhaps I need a little driver’s license challenge. Before I lost weight, a clerk at the BMV actually called me out on the number that was on my license. Albeit embarrassing, I can’t blame her since the number was about 115 pounds shy of where I was at the time. Happy days resulted when I renewed it and could actually pick a number that matched reality; however the video episode lured me to my wallet. Anyone care to join me?


2 Responses

  1. Hi Melissa! I lost my driver’s license and went to get a new one – all dolled up and pretty-looking for my picture – and THEY DIDN’T TAKE ONE! They just used the photo I had on file. Bummer.

    I know you’ve done WW, so you counted points instead of calories/fat/carbs/protein/fiber, but it’s pretty easy to plug your daily food journal into someting like fitday.com or spark.com. It’s really helped me to eat a balanced diet, stay within a daily calorie intake to keep losing weight, and learn portion control. Maybe trying something new would engage/interest your mind again? I didn’t start until week 4 of my program and was shocked at how much it changed and inspired me and taught me. Maybe you just need to “shake it up”? ~ Angie

    PS – I appreciated your comment on my last post – I, too, had been asked a few times if I was pregnant! So RUDE. One bit** asked me on 2 seperate occasions!!

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty committed to WW since I’m a leader, but at the same time, I keep very close track of protein/fat/fiber. I’ll check it out to see what’s up.

    I found this weekend better already – just making good food that was pretty and satisfying. I know that may sound silly, but I feel so much better about my food when put some effort into the presentation.

    I made some yummo grilled chicken and brocoli, whole wheat couscous and a fruit salad tonight. It made me very happy – silly, but true.

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