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Shhh, Here She Comes

I think recent mindless munching earned me a bad rap around the Fast house.

Last night, well after dinner I heard quite a few hushed whispers between Russell and Lyle, and then, “No don’t get it out, if SHE sees it there won’t be any left,” Lyle said.

Other than the dog, I’m the only “she” in the house.

When I asked what they were talking about, Russell quickly shouted, “Popcorn, you want some, Mom.” Yeah, right. There were bags of that fat-free crap lying around in the cabinets.

I tried to ignore them, but I admit, my strategy wheels started turning as I thought about hopping on the game board. It seemed like a much better offer than picking up all the clutter around the house, which by the way could have kept me occupied for days. What delicious treat had they tucked away? Was it sweet or savory, and how was I gonna get some?

The fact that I ate a completely satisfying dinner and felt no hunger was of little consequence.

I quickly grabbed a sugar-free fudge bar out of the freezer before I started ripping into all of the nooks and crannies.

Had I really taken my, “Can I have a bite of that,” philosophy beyond tolerable levels? I laugh about food being like crack, but suddenly I felt like I needed to find a quick fix, and I wondered how long it would take to uncover “IT.”

As Lyle ran to the refrigerator to check the supply, I discovered they were protecting a pack of frozen tamales that I hauled back from my trip to Tucson.

I was hoping for cookies or cake. Then I felt really bad considering I brought the stupid tamales back as a gift for Lyle. Had my behavior really slipped to the point that they felt the need to hide cornmeal from me?

Well evidently, because I couldn’t even take a picture of it to post on the blog this morning – they moved the package to another safe house.

It’s bad enough when I confront negative behavior, but when my family slaps me in the face with my transgressions, it provides a little more feedback than I can choose to ignore.


2 Responses

  1. Holy Ouch.

    Last Christmas I opened a goody package filled with nuts, dried fruits, and lots of chocolates. My son said I shouldn’t eat all of that and that I’m kinda fat. It became a really “silent night.”

    I’m so sorry. “… it provides a little more feedback than I can choose to ignore.”

  2. Ohhhh Holy Night…. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to stay in the dark when the family keeps turning on all the lights! I’m trying to be patient with myself right now as I tweak some of my recent behavior, but I suppose it’s good to have my family there to remind me to keep on goin.

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