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Taxing As It May Be

I’m having a really hard time not playing my favorite Scale Hop game. It’s where I check my daily weight to either confirm I need to drown my sorrows in a big bowl (maybe ten) of Captain Crunch or I find a little wiggle room to play even bigger binging games. It’s dangerous.

Lately, I found it necessary to slide my scale under the dresser for extended time out. I couldn’t stand the temptation – especially after a healthy bowel movement – I know I’m not the only one out there who thinks poo should instantly register a 5-pound loss, or what about an exhausting workout? The whole process sets other negative behaviors in motion, so I try to avoid it altogether.

I was doing pretty well until I got a call from the accountant last night. Need I say more?

I don’t think there is enough money in the world for me to ever consider switching professions, but perhaps it isn’t nearly as stressful for accountants as I imagine since they’re dealing with other people’s money. Can anyone out there shed some light on this?

I absolutely HATE doing our taxes. I tried it once, and it wasn’t pretty. For a while we went to a CPA, but then it seemed kinda silly to pay for that level of service when our finances were pretty straight forward. Last year, however, as I sat in the tax dude’s office, he didn’t instill a whole lot of confidence so I decided to head back to the previous place.

I wonder how the accountants feel about making THAT call. Sure, letting the customer know they are getting money back is a good feeling. They instantly elevate to god status. But our call ended with, “I’m really sorry to ruin your evening.”

It took a lot of positive self talk to get through the rest of the night without the help of my snack cabinet. I just kept repeating, “Will cake change the situation?” I suppose it also helped that I didn’t have any cake in the house, whew.

I woke up this morning glad that I didn’t self-medicate with food. The new day still holds the same challenges, but at least I don’t feel bloated and guilty for impulsive decisions that only complicate my life.


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