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SegAway In Style

This could be you...

I wanted to re-acquaint myself with downtown, and today I got the opportunity to take a Segway tour with a group of people from work. Wow! What a fun way to cover a lot of ground.

I have to admit the first time I saw these beastly two-wheeled contraptions a couple years ago, I thought the couch potatoes of the world needed to get off their collective lazy duffs, lace up their sneakers and get a move on. That was before I stepped on. I also confess that I wondered if a two-hour tour was worth the going rate of 55.00.

Boy was it. We got a quick how-to lesson and off we went. The training seemed a little intimidating – immediately after signing a release waiving all litigious activity should an “incident arise” while we ventured around the city, but within a few short minutes, I felt quite comfortable. David Weller, owner and tour guide of SegAway, kept us entertained and informed as he talked about points of interest all around the downtown area.

We received lots of funny looks from pedestrians and a few shout outs from people as they drove by in cars. One guy at the bus stop, yelled, “you guys are soooo lucky.” I felt a little like Jane Jetson as I whizzed by.

Through an audio headpiece that we were all connected to, David chatted about the historic buildings, major businesses and general trivia from the convention center to Capitol Square and then we headed down to the riverfront. We cruised past the replica of the Santa Maria before jetting to Goodale Park. Normally, he completes the tour with a quick buzz through the Short North, but we needed to wrap things up because I had an appointment.

I climbed off the Segway thinking of all the people I know who would enjoy the experience – what a unique way to see what Columbus has to offer. So, if you’re tired of doing the same old things when visitors come to town, check it out.


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