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Crack Kills

TMI - uh oh!

Last night Lyle met me at The Elevator after work. I have to say grabbing a beer and dinner is a much better way to kill time than going to the grocery while I wait for lacrosse schedules to sync with the rest of my life.

Lyle sets his GPS to micro-breweries, no joke. When we make cross-country treks, these stops are always included in the must-see Fast tourist guide. There’s a great one in Brattleboro, VT by the way. Let me know if you are interested.

Lyle is a bit of a beer snob. He used to brew his own until a five-gallon tank cracked spewing the sticky shit all over our floor. Our family room smelled like a skanky college bar for weeks. Anyway, if I had a chance in hell to pry Lyle away from his local brew pub, I was going to have to ante up something pretty enticing. The Elevator is located in a historic building, and they make their own beer (even root beer) and dish out a mighty fine BBQ and grilled steak so I knew that would help the stars align.

My new job involves promoting the cool stuff happening downtown, which there is a lot of, but I have to admit my personal GPS has been tuned into places like Dave and Buster’s lately. It’s a downfall of having a 15-year-old.

Being a self-proclaimed foodie, restaurants seemed like a good first stop. Last week I sampled Café Brioso, J. Gumbo and Plantain Café. Yum, Yum, Yum. Each of these locally-owned restaurants offers unique and delicious eats, which is a tasty way to deviate from the chain retailers while supporting the small-business dudes.

I wanted to try menu items the first time without adding my own special requests, but I wasn’t sure my jeans could handle three treats again this week. By the way, how many times can you indulge and still call it a special occasion? There are after all only so many Last Suppers one can eat.

As we sat down, I promised myself I would practice good portion control. Hell, I even left steak and garlic-mashed potatoes on my plate. I’m pretty sure that’s a sin in some parts. Before you send me kudos, the same cannot be said for the cheesecake, but I did at least share it…well, Lyle ate one bite. It was a small piece though. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

All in all, it was a great experience…until Lyle prompted me to look behind me. Crack kills, which offers a perfect illustration of what too many treats can do. Sometimes a girl really just needs to say no. I’ll be back though. I’m just going to choose a day when I have had a friendly conversation with my exercise bike.



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