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Patience. I don’t keep large reserves and it’s time to score a little.

Where did mine go? I know that I must have had some as I lost 100 pounds. As much as people want to believe in the existence of a magic pill, losing and maintaining weight takes a lot of time. Perhaps patience is inextricably linked to determination.

I like being determined. It’s a much more appealing trait than someone calling me pig headed, which on some days probably comes closer to the truth. I encounter snags only when I torture myself by jumping to the last pages of the geometry book. Big picture goals of course are necessary, but it’s those short term objectives that will take me to my destination. Introducing a little grit helps keeps the process moving.

I pride myself in being a Go To Girl. Starting a new job complicates this a wee bit. People can still come to me, but I have more questions right now than answers. I suppose I can cut myself a little slack since it has only been nine days. How long does someone need to be considered a Know It All? Hmmm, I’m sure my hubby can weigh in on that one.

The fact that Lyle keeps reminding me that I started a new gig and can’t possibly know everything there is to know is hysterical. I hope he’s taking some detailed notes for his own personal diary. What I am confident of is that Russell is screwed. With the two perfectionist parents, he better start tucking away money now for therapy bills.

If I choose to remember that breathing is not optional, and that time and patience are required with any learning curve, will that make lessons come easier?


2 Responses

  1. Love your blog. And, sometimes, I have to write a letter “P” on my hand in ink to remind myself to be patient. I am the grownup, after all. I can be patient.

  2. Maybe instead of writing a P on our hands we should where it around like a big Scarlett Letter….just a thought. 🙂

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