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Your Cheating Heart

I’ve been having adulterous thoughts.

Before any of know you who know where I live run to my house to whack me over the head, the feelings concern my hairdresser. I feel horrible about even thinking about cheating on her.

It’s not that I’m experiencing irreconcilable differences; we simply have difficulty connecting in a physical sense. Part of me would like to venture out to try someone downtown since it would be so convenient for me. I could pop in for a quick haircut during lunch, but it makes me sick to contemplate leaving my confidant.

How do we form such strong bonds with people who cut our hair? It’s just hair, and it grows pretty damn fast. I’ve got baggage – I can’t just trust anyone.

Years ago, my mom and I used to spontaneously walk into salons to get haircuts – usually during peak times when we were bored. Believe me it provided great entertainment since you take your life in your hands with a hairstylist who is wide open on a Saturday afternoon. Ahh, the stories we can tell. We finally opted for lunch and a movie. It was safer and ended with fewer tears.

I love Maria. She has been cutting my hair now for probably five years. She is one of the few people who has ever given me a haircut and six weeks later, it still looks good. It grows into a different look, but remains stylish. Although Lyle would debate that right now since I’m going for the whole bed-head look.

Maria is talented and I trust her implicitly, even though I have been known to call her Edward Scissorhands on occasion. I sit down and tell her to do whatever she wants, which is good because that is what she is going to do regardless of what I say.

The problem is that she only works three days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I can generally work around that, but I recently had to reschedule, and then I realized that appointment wouldn’t work, and now I’m going to have to wait until she returns from vacation. With her waiting list, my hair might reach my ass before she can see me.

But where do I go and who do I see? Yea, I know it’s just hair and as of late mine seems to resemble the fallout from an altercation with a light socket, but that look is strategically achieved. Worse yet, what if it doesn’t work out, and I have to slither back to see Maria. Ugh.

As I squirm at the idea of making time with someone else, I wonder how much different my relationship might be with my husband if I worried about his feelings as much as I concern myself with a woman who I really barely know? Nah, I don’t wanna go there.

The other piece of this equation is that I’m trying to manage my schedule now that I have less free time on my hands. Suddenly convenience is starting to play a bigger role than it once did. It still comes down to the fact that I’m trying to figure out what stays and what goes in this new transitional period.


2 Responses

  1. Finding and keeping a hairstylist you like is NO small deal, my friend. I feel your pain and hope you can resolve your issue soon. It’s NOT just hair. I mean, yeah, it’s “just” hair, but hair says a lot about who we are and can make or break a good day.

    I’ve become friends with a guy who does several of my friends’ hair and he recently sent me a coupon for 20 percent off services. But that would mean leaving my beloved Ashely (whom I’m seeing today for the works! Cut, color and highlights…3-hour commitment I don’t trust to just anyone). In a small town, word would get around fast that I cheated on Ashely, so I don’t stray.

    Hope you get a guilt-free haircut soon!

  2. Yea, I think I’m just going to suck it up and wait for Maria. As many risks as I now feel comfortable taking in my life, my hair holds a lot of power.

    I hope your do is just what you were hoping for!


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