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Good Options, Delightful Choices

The first day of the new job went well even if my head is a little spinney. There is a lot of stuff to remember, and I feel fairly useless at this point, but I’m trying to be as patient with myself as everyone else seems to be. I think I met everybody in the office and all are super nice – of course we are all using our best company manners.

The environment seems to be quite relaxed, both in attitudes and attire. I’m totally going to be overdressed, which gives me additional incentive to lose the extra baggage I picked up. I need a good excuse to go shopping for some dressier casual clothes.

I went out to lunch this afternoon at Café Brioso with one of my colleagues. I was a little worried at first because I was starving. We didn’t head out until after 1 p.m. and I had eaten at 6 a.m. With a snack of just two pieces of low-fat string cheese standing between me and a fork, I could have been headed to a very dangerous place.

As soon as we walked in the joint, the smell of freshly baked bread intermingled with roasting coffee smacked me in the face. About the same time my eyes locked in on cookies the size of dinner plates nestled behind the counter. Suddenly the menu board morphed into one big Braille dot, and I wasn’t sure I could remember what a salad looked like let alone order one.

I pulled it together and managed to ask if the barbeque chicken salad was grilled or fried and found out it was baked. Woo Hooo. I ordered it with the dressing on the side, hold the cheese. I didn’t ask to skip the croutons because I didn’t want my coworker to think I was a total freak with all of my demands. I figured I could discreetly pluck them off when I got my salad.

My only regret was not making that one additional special request because I inadvertently missed one of the innocuous-looking cubes and bit into a piece of heaven. I really didn’t need to know these crunchy nuggets tasted that good, but I kept things in check and still enjoyed a delightful lunch.


One Response

  1. Good manners don’t always cover some deeper truths…so I am happy that you are feeling good about the place so far. I trust your instincts.

    Happy for you!


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