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Glory Days

I have had a fabulous time in Tucson. I’ve probably eaten too much, but I’m trying to balance that with exercise. Every morning I either head out into the desert for a morning tromp or go to the workout facility in my mom’s retirement community to hit the elliptical machine.

Yesterday I got up a little late and when I arrived in the workout room a man was already on the elliptical machine. He said he was almost finished so I just waited for him to wrap things up. As I stood waiting, I watched him struggle a bit and wondered what it would be like as I aged. Would I remain active? Would I embrace the aging process or fight it each step of the way?

There’s a part of me that loves coming to my mom’s simply for the fact that I feel hot when I go to the pool – in a group of women and men with an average age of probably 80 that’s not too hard to do. It always serves as a great reminder that I need to work on my body image, but I revel in the inner Farrah Fawcett or Brittany Spears for just a little bit.

As I worked out on the elliptical, the same gentleman lifted weights and then made a comment that he could never get to the point I was on the machine. Hell, he had at least 25 years on me. I was just impressed that he was exercising at all, but he was comparing himself to me. I suppose we all struggle with the notion that whatever we do is never good enough.

This morning when I worked out, I plugged into Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days. It occurred to me that just maybe I was in the midst of my Glory Days, and that made me feel great. In that moment I was content with where I was and where I was heading – no regrets. Isn’t that what we should all want? Whatever day we wake up to, shouldn’t we try to make it the best day we can imagine. Sure there are aches and pain and bodies that don’t look quite like we would prefer. However, when I simply embrace the day for all it has to offer, it’s pretty damn fantastic.

I don’t want to wake up 20 years from now longing for what passed me by. I want to create Glory Days each and every day.

Peace Out.


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