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Flowers, For Me?

Daffodils or Icicles, hmmm....

Who needs flowers when your son picks you a vase of icicles? Whatever. It was a nice thought, but I’d rather have daffodils. I’m beginning to doubt that I will ever see another one again.

I’ve been holding on by telling myself Tucson is just a few days away. The plan is to head out in between jobs to soak up the sunshine and grab a Mom fix, but today I heard that another snow storm is moving in sometime Sunday or Monday. Enough already.

I used to tell myself, as recently as yesterday, that I could tolerate a colder climate as long as the streets were plowed and the sun peeked out on occasion, but that is a load of crap.

I have parkas and gloves and boots strewn all over my living room – and I’m tired of that too. Lyle and Russell tried to convince me that they need to leave all their shit laying all over because it needs to dry, but that excuse wore pretty thin when I pulled my hand out of a pair of gloves I found laying on the floor and they smelled like spoiled milk.

Each day I try to get my head together and tell myself I won’t allow my frustration to manifest in inappropriate snacking, but that’s out of control too. I don’t know whether it is the weather, leaving my old job or beginning a new job, but the munching is taking on dangerous levels. I made an appointment to get a little tune up so hopefully that will help things out a bit.

Right now, I think what I need most is everyone to send a special prayer, chant or energy ray – hell, I’m not particular – into the universe to keep the weather in check until I take off on that plane Monday.


3 Responses

  1. Count your blessings. You get to leave this for a while. I can’t beleive you are leaving me behind to put up with this. Jonathan is leaving for Mexico on Saturday so I’m doing his next two weeks classes. Why in the hell did I book my cruise for May and not Feb.
    I’m really struggling this week. All I do is come home and eat. I hate to face the scale Saturday. It’s almost like I have no control. I know it’s cabin fever. Maybe I need to paint a mural on a wall of Hawaii’s beaches and throw some sand on the floor. um um um

  2. Have a wonderful trip! We will miss you. Just try to enjoy your trip and maybe eating will lose its hold for awhile.

  3. I’m really looking forward to the trip now. My last day was yesterday…so now I can focus forward.

    Lou- go easy on yourself. You are not alone. I’m headed out today for a little tune up. I WILL see you tomorrow.

    Maryann – thanks! I can’t wait to dip my face in the warm sunshine.

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