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Confessions Move Me Forward

Pack away the snacks and Tums.

For the last week, O.K. two, I’ve been munching like it is a professional sport…stress, excitement, anxiety, boredom – I threw them all in like little crunchy salad toppers. The problem? Nothing I shoveled in actually resembled anything green.

Every morning I wake with fresh resolve, but I find myself sliding into a pool drowning in sugar and lard.

My birthday passed, I gave my 2-week notice last week and the streets are now plowed. That concludes the excuse portion of the program.

I’m left with a bloated gut sucking down Tums like they are little Pez candies poking from a laughing clown head. I’m pretty pissed that I managed to put back the five pounds that I dropped over the last month, which keeps the yo-yo swinging. How stupid is that? What am I going to do to get back on track?

1. I’m not waiting until Sunday, which is when my “new week” begins.
2. I’m going to glue a food journal to my ass so every time I sit down to try to shove a cookie down my throat, I’ll get an instant reminder of what I’m trying to avoid.
3. I’m sitting down to plan my week so I can prepare to make better choices.
4. I commit to feeling my feelings instead of throwing mountains of sugar-coated cereal at them.
5. I’m going to climb back on my exercise bike. Winter is a tough time for me to stay motivated, but it has to happen if I’m going to maintain my weight (and sanity).
6. I’m going to practice meditation. At the peak of the crazies when I came to terms with the idea of a career move, I kept myself calm with deep breathing and a quiet mind. I could use a little of that again.

If all else fails, there’s duct tape. I noticed that it comes in a variety of colors now, which may come in handy if I have to cocoon myself to avoid putting more crap in my mouth.

Wish me luck!


3 Responses

  1. Hey there! Glad you found my blog so I could find yours. Would you mind if I address the question you asked in your somment in my next blog? I’d like to put it out there for other readers to answer, too. People like (?) to talk about their flabby bits, or at least their feelings about them.

    I love your idea about sticking a food journal on your ass. Some days I have to tape one over my mouth. Also, the meditation? Good move. There are days I really should sit for hours.

  2. Hi Lynn! Thanks for checking out my blog too. Sure, feel free to address my original question on a post…that’s what this is all about right? I love the conversation that begins.

    I also love talking to others who have experienced great success. I know sometimes people look at me like I should have the answers since I”ve appeared to “lick this thing,” but it surprises me sometimes how things crop up. I know it is is just a reminder that I need to tweak some thoughts. The good news is that I realize this with small fluctuations instead of waiting for 50 lbs (or more) to pile on.

  3. I just posted a blog about it: http://lynnsweigh.blogspot.com/2010/02/new-normal.html

    We’ll see how the responses go! Let me know if they help at all. Take good care of yourself. L

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