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Stop Looking At Me Like That

Our beagle loves peanut butter; well she finds everything irresistible, except mushrooms. She’s a girl after my own heart. You put food in front of her, and poof it’s gone.

As soon as she gets a whiff of peanut butter, she comes running. She precariously balances on her hind legs and her eyes glaze over in a way that makes you worry about falling asleep in her presence. I think it is the same look I get when I see chocolate chip cookies.

In a bind, Sonya will eat anything with an impressive zeal. Yesterday, she sniffed out my bowl of cut-up veggies and scooted them off the edge of the table to enjoy a mid-morning snack.

I took that as a sign and grabbed a bowl of cocoa crispies. Hey, at least I poured skim milk over the cereal. Can’t I subtract Points for that?

Between the cabin fever and the job transition, I’m really fighting the urge to comfort myself with food. I know the answers can’t be found in a bowl of cereal or a big plate of cheese and crackers, but damn, it’s hard not to give it a shot.

Today, my plan will include some reading, a pack of sugar-free gum and a smidge of aerobic activity. If that fails, I’m going to send myself outdoors to walk in the cold.

Do any of you have a hard time maintaining good eating habits when you are crammed in the house during bad weather?


2 Responses

  1. I recently watched the movie “Funny People” (which wasn’t very funny, btw). In one scene they play “the peanut butter game” where the daughter lays on the floor on her back and the mom puts a swipe of peanut butter on her cheek. Then the dogs are let loose and go crazy licking the pb off her face. It was cute and my daughter loved it when we tried it! – Angie

  2. Yea, I can’t believe how crazy the dog goes for PB. She comes running when she hears the lid come off…I can’t say that I’ve been much different lately when I’ve heard crinkly wrapping from my son…here’s to progress…

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