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A Dream Come True

Grab a mop and get lucky.

I’ve shared before that when my house gets too messy, I simply want to pack up and move – no joke. We once put our house on the market because I was convinced it was the best thing for our family. In the process of cleaning out closets and throwing away loads of crap, I fell in love all over again.

I nestle down when things are clean and tidy. I can sit in my chair and write or read and all is right with the world. A couple years ago, I forced myself to reevaluate my standards because I was no longer willing to put the required energy into maintaining that level of clean, especially since no one else in my house shared the desire, o.k. obsession.

There was always this voice in my head that told me my house was a reflection of who I was. In order to be viewed by others as a good mother or wife, guests must be able to eat off my floors. I came to the conclusion; however, I was still lovable if my shower contained some soap scum. People can still eat off my floors if they wish, but they might want to follow that up with a 3-day dose of a potent antibiotic. Even with relaxed standards, it can still reach critical mass, which was where we were headed, but other things demanded my attention.

This morning I taught my WW class and then went out to lunch with friends, and I planned to come home for a quick pit stop before heading out for another meeting. As I walked up the sidewalk, I saw the kitchen rugs hanging on the rails of the front porch…Could I dare to hope?

I walked through the front door and entered Fantasy Island. The house smelled of orange-scented furniture polish and Lyle was mopping the floor…a dream come true.

“I thought with the week you’ve had, you would appreciate a clean house,” he said as he finished changing the sheets on the bed. I love this man!

Some women want diamonds, flowers, elaborate getaways, but just give me a man who will scrub a toilet. What a gift, and it was totally unexpected.

When I left this morning, I asked that he just tidy up and make sure that Russell did the same, but to be met at the door with a man with a mop – that’s the best foreplay a girl could receive. Does that make me old or just realistic?

I don’t even care, and moreover, I doubt Lyle does since either way all parties involved come out winners.


6 Responses

  1. Wow… I’d say you struck gold today!

    We spent most of the day cleaning today…. my part was to do several loads of laundry (and the sheets) and run the vacuum cleaner… (the vacuum usually gets me mega kudos and brownie points… lol)

  2. Lots of gold – all around! It’s good to share the wealth! Enjoy your clean house too!

  3. Yeah! I have a husband that does that every once in awhile and it sure is appreciated.

  4. Yea for you too!

  5. My love language is, “Acts of Service”. There is nothing that make me feel more loved than when my husband does unexpected acts of kindness around the house. 🙂

  6. I love that book on love languages! My preferred language is also acts of service.

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