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Bike Calls

I have to exercise today – no excuses.

I didn’t get around to it yesterday. I would like to say I didn’t have time, but I have more time right now than usual because I’m on vacation this week. I have been busy, but the truth is I really just didn’t want to mess with the sweating part.

My productivity falls dramatically when I’m on vacation. I know that sounds ridiculous – isn’t that the point? But there are still things I need to accomplish. Most days this week I slept until 6:30 or 7 a.m. That extra hour to hour and a half of sleep is nice, but there is something in the 5:30-6 a.m. window that ignites a fire.

Somehow yesterday, I ended up farting around until I looked at the clock and realized I needed to be out the door in 45 minutes for an appointment. That left enough time for a shower and a quick breakfast.

When I returned, I had a five hour window before I needed to head out for a late afternoon social gathering. I could have come home and exercised then, but that would have required another shower and a new make-up application.

Instead, I ran a couple errands, took Russell to a gaming store, and shopped for some black slacks – to go with the four pairs already hanging in my closet, which make my butt look big…no, I guess it’s the lack of exercise that makes my butt look big – because it is!

I came home from the shin dig in the evening, grabbed a quick bite to eat so I wouldn’t gnaw off my arm at the next place I was headed, and out the door I went again.

I finally came home about 9 p.m. Climbing on the bike at that point seemed insane regardless of the fact that I indulged in a few cookies at one of the earlier soirées. I remember hearing once upon a time that people aren’t supposed to exercise two hours prior to siesta, and I planned a 10 p.m. lights out.

I didn’t sleep well last night. Maybe I did miss the exercise. I just know that my slumber was light, and once Lyle woke me with his snoring, I had a hard time getting back to sleep. I tried to record him, but at 2 a.m. there was either an operator or iPhone malfunction so I can’t share the sound of his tonsils rattling against his uvula.

I’m meeting someone for an early lunch so my happy arse needs to be on the stationary bike no later than 9 a.m. this morning if I want to get a workout that includes some resistance training.

Bottom line is that I can’t skip exercise, especially around this time of year. There’s too much sugar around for that. On good days – in June and July – I can miss a few workouts because I’m generally more active, there is definitely more sunlight and the fresh produce provides a safe backup. This time of year leaves me approximately a 12-hour grace period before the walls start to crumble.

I’m at least glad that I recognized that before I began another busy day. Wish me luck. How do you fit exercise in when you are really busy?


2 Responses

  1. After a week with the family, eating out every day, I’m over my (apparently previous) “maximum allowable weight” and that puts me slightly under the next level “weight I’ll never let myself reach”. I know I can cut back and get back over time. But I also know that I have followed the pattern I read about of gaining a few pounds every winter starting in the middle age years, and moving up to a new “acceptable weight”. And IT DOES GET more difficult to take off…easier to increase the “limit”. I have to admit that this is all new to me. i weighed 102 pounds and ate everything in sight…all junk when I was young. I’d like to back off and not become another overweight senior.
    Exercise is becoming more important for me in this endeavor. And I’m not doing well with it. Glad to be reading your thoughts to help me think this through.
    I go to Jazzercise one or twice a week. Not enough. I have a plan, somewhere in this mind, of cleaning a path in the basement to the nordic track. I need it in the winter. i can go out for frequent walks in nice weather. But there is a reason why I gain weight in the winter. It’s tooooooo cold for me to get past it and get out there. (Although, when I do get out, I LOVE it, after I get warmed up )

    On the other hand, there is the time issue. I am also on vacation. If I started today with a list of the things that I want, and,or need to do, I wouldn’t have the time to write it all, much less do it.

    So, I am still working with going with the flow. I don’t have this much time to fart around when I work. So, my first thought (thought?, or rationalization?) is “no lists”. Do what you feel like doing, at that time.
    Like now, I apparently feel like rambling on and on…

    Regarding the “big questions” of my life’s purpose and meaning…I was recently told when the questions arise that I need to take 3 steps…acknowledge the question, be grateful for it, and let it go…go with the flow. I’m doing that.
    Sometimes I could easily go to the “I WANT THE ANSWERS NOW!” stage.
    But, honestly, sometimes the letting go is a relief, because I don’t feel like I have the answers now…and like you I feel a restlessness about changing some stuff up.

    I was going to say that I don’t usually create New Years resolution/dream lists.
    But, I may have come up with my New Years dream by writing all this, I like the way I feel in the “letting go” stage better than the “what’s the answer stage”.

    On the practical side, (I know you have this answer), I grew up eating corn, tomatoes and potatoes. Last night when I went to the grocery after getting home from all the eating out, I stood in front of the green (mostly leafy) things (for the millionth time) in the produce section. And then I turn and walk away. What do I do with them???? Something down to earth, no fancy cooking happens here. And I don’t eat much cold foods ie salads.
    Collards?? Daikon?? Spinach?? What do I do with this stuff? I’ve asked this question before, and anyone who is comfortable in the kitchen usually looks at me with that masked face: hiding questions like, I wonder if she’s kidding? She can’t be serious? She really does nothing in the kitchen? Can;t she read recipes?
    (I tried recipes in the past that were horrid.)
    Just want to know what real people do with the stuff in their kitchen.

    (you’ve probably covered some of this in your past recipes in posts, but I wasn’t reading then!)


  2. It’s soo good to hear from you.

    I think there is a place somewhere between going with the flow and craving the answer that contentment hides and things still get done. I’m not sure exactly where that is, but I’m trying to stay open to that space.

    I swear that the more free time I have, the more I waste. There has to be a balance there too. I haven’t quite figured that one out either. I hate to be over programmed, but I can go into a vegetative state (especially this time of year) when I don’t have any plans in place.

    As far as veggies – try this: take a small zuchini or yellow squash, half a small onion and half a red bell pepper. Slice them in hunks – whatever size you prefer works. Sautee over medium high heat in about a tablespoon of olive oil. As they cook, sprinkle 1/2 to 1 tsp of Italian seasoning and a dash or two of garlic salt. I like to cook the veggies over a high heat like this so the carmelize a bit. I’ll blog more about it, but give that a shot.

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