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Throw Out The Leftovers

Where will life lead if I’m open to the stretch?

I woke up this morning feeling kind of anxious – pretty squirmy actually. Is it hormones or my thoughts prior to falling asleep last night? Who knows? I feel that it is probably time for a stretch, but sometimes I just want to crawl back in my cozy bed and pull the covers over my head.

I realize on the other side of the uneasiness, generally lays a new sense of clarity. But getting there never seems like a party in which I want to send in my RSVP.

I’ve written countless blog entries about my struggles with transition and control. Nothing new there. I’m still looking for a way to embrace this time and hang on for the ride.

What if I don’t simply want to wait to see where I’m dumped out next? Is it possible to guide the journey without fueling my control-freak desires? When those kick in, they complicate the situation and steer me off course from where I’m truly meant to be.

I think it may be time to really open myself to new possibilities, and I certainly don’t want to sit by waiting for leftovers.

I may pull back the tin foil on these containers in the fridge from time to time, but life leftovers are less than desirable. I don’t want to be stuck trying to repurpose the 5-day-old meat loaf wedged behind the pickle jar that wasn’t that good to begin with.

I need to find the balance between making my own recipe for success while remaining open and alert to true path that I’m supposed to travel upon.

Sometimes that seems too hokey to even say out loud, but then at other times I wonder what is keeping me from realizing my dreams – fear, laziness or complacency?

Maybe if I set out to banish all three of these things in the coming year, the rest of my life will align in such a way that I will be open to receive the next plot in the course.


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