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Beware Of The Beef Jerky

I spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out how to upload a video onto You Tube. It was super easy, but the problem was accessing my account.
I try to be a hacker-proof internet user who creates usernames and passwords that can’t easily be obtained. The problem then becomes I can’t remember them.

I’ve been thinking about buying a video camera so I could post podcasts, but first I decided to experiment around with my iPhone. The length of clips seem to impact my ability to send them remotely, but for the first go around it worked.

So, for a little video set up… We were on our way home from the in-laws the day after Christmas, and I shot a video of Sonya trying to get beef jerky from Russell.

She was in her crate, mainly because we had to take it with us so she would have a place to sleep when we reached the final destination. There is no extra room in the interior of our little eco-friendly Prius once you wedge three overnight bags, a cooler, snacks, three humans and a dog. She needed to park herself in the crate during the ride to make the most of the space available.

She didn’t seem to mind, but I wonder sometimes if she feels trapped. When I saw her try to reach for the jerky, it was easy to see the similarities to the way I often deal with food.

We joke that Sonya is a breathing vacuum cleaner. She survives just fine with the amount of food we provide, but she is very happy to receive little turkey treats or anything else we dangle in front of her nose. She even eats veggies, including radishes, lettuce and dill pickles. If it’s within her reach, she’s going to eat it.

She’s a horrible beggar, but I think that is because we reinforce the habit. She dances, plays dead, shakes and gives high fives all in the name of food – it is the supreme motivator.

Has that been my problem? Do I dangle too many treats in front of my own face? I don’t think I’m quite ready to stick to only two meals of dry kibbles twice a day, but a little discipline may be in order.

I wonder if there is room in that crate for the both of us.


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