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If I Know What Works…

I really struggled with my food intake this weekend. Well, actually I had no difficulty whatsoever – it went in quite easily, large quantities too.

It took me off guard because I had been doing so well, but a couple things occurred to me. First, my planning has been off-kilter, and I haven’t put in a good aerobic workout for almost a week. Hmmm…

Yesterday was a big reminder that I need to simply pack a grocery store in the trunk of my car to be prepared for anything that may arise. Lyle and I went shopping, which I know better than to go to the mall with him, but I asked him along anyway. The man hates to shop, but won’t leave the stores once he gets there. What is that all about?

I knew we would eat lunch out, and I made good choices at the restaurant, but when 5 p.m. approached and we were still pressing through the crowds, I found myself standing in line at the pretzel place. The wait there was too long so I kept walking and mysteriously ended up in another line thinking that Low Mein may be exactly what I needed. I managed to talk myself out of that too.

Then we went to the grocery – big mistake. I knew it, but did it anyway. Tired, cranky, hungry and heading to Wal-Mart is not where anyone needs to be. I pulled it together later in the evening, but not before doing more damage than what I would have liked.

This morning as I reflected back on the situation, I realized that I definitely need a more effective plan. A piece of fruit and a low-fat granola bar do not constitute sufficient rations when shopping with Lyle. I must at least plan for a snack and a mini-meal.

However, the biggest contributing factor involved my exercise routine, or lack thereof. I felt scrunched for time this week, and I let my exercise be the first to slide. It has been a consistent part of my life for at least four years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly I can throw it under a bus. I can’t allow that to happen if I want to maintain my weight loss – it is really quite that simple, and I hate to admit that truth.

I’m off this week, but I have a long to do list, probably like every other person around me. If I want to continue to be successful, I must include activity into the plan. I tried to tell myself that the extra walking that I was getting running from one event to the next was sufficient during this busy time of the year, but the M & Ms and almonds and cereal I ate yesterday tell me otherwise. So, I’m going to take advantage of a relaxed morning schedule and make a date with my exercise bike before I head out to conquer the world.

That seems to be the best time for me to exercise. There is something about the idea that I can’t sweat once I shower, put on deodorant, dry my hair and apply makeup. Has anyone else run into that same dilemma?



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