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Brain Fade

The fruit is all neatly in place, but where did the candy go?

I didn’t follow my own advice today. I left the house woefully under prepared. I packed what I thought would be plenty of snacks to get me through the afternoon, but I ended up being out longer than I anticipated.

I’ve been sailing through this stupid holiday feeding frenzy without succumbing to all the food that surrounds me, up until tonight.

I bypassed the cookies at the office and most of the nuts. I snagged a piece, well two, of some kind of dessert bread that someone gave me the other day as a gift. I should have never taken it home, but the loaf made it into the house under the pretense that the men in my family might enjoy a treat. Whatever.

I ended cramming the rest of it down the trash can far below the coffee grounds so I wouldn’t pull a George Castanza from Seinfield and pull it out of the garbage to shove down my throat when no one was looking. I actually felt pretty good about that indiscretion because it served as a great reminder that I have to plan for the unexpected.

I make crappy food choices when I’m hungry, especially this time of year because temptation is literally every place I look. All was good early on. I met a friend for lunch and chose wisely – at Der Dutchman, no less. For those unfamiliar, it is an Amish restaurant. Almost every item is either fried in lard or butter, smothered in gravy or dripping with maple-flavored icing. I opted for a bowl of soup, salad and a whole wheat roll – good girl.

My friend and I ended up chatting until the early dinner crowd arrived before we said our goodbyes. I walked in the house and was greeted to gift basket from a vendor at work, which was a big basket of fruit, chocolate caramel corn and caramel pecan truffles. Wanna take a guess at what I went for?

The good news is that Russell had been patiently waiting until I got home so he could help minimize the damage. Thank God for teenage boys. I cannot believe how much food that kid can put away, and he maintains the metabolism to accommodate the intake.

I sat down here to regroup. I also have realized that when I eat sugar, my heart races and I get very jittery. I thought it was all in my head, but I took my pulse, and it really was elevated. Has that ever happened to any of you? I wish I could say that this was the first time I noticed that this happened. You think I would steer clear of it since I know that it causes me grief. Why in the world can’t (or won’t) I cut it out once and for all?


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