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Worth A Shot

Today is rainy. It would be a perfect day to binge – It’s cold and dreary inside and out.

I certainly can’t do anything about the temperature or the precipitation falling outside my window, but I have significant control over my internal barometer. I can choose which is the most powerful player.

I wrote the other day about the opportunities that lie within change, but what I want to know is how I embrace a time of transition with grace and inner peace.

Yesterday, I came home from my meetings, and Lyle asked me if I wanted to head to Yellow Springs to trip around the shops for some holiday shopping. I would like to say that I jumped at this opportunity because I knew it would help me clear my head, but I had a moment when I thought about my to do list and wondered if that was the best way to spend the rest of my Saturday afternoon.

We ended up in the car, and like most days when I visit this forgotten little hippy town, I’m glad that I went. It is a place that I can find my center if I misplace it under the rubbish running through my head.

In one of the stores we visited, I found a mug with a quote about peace. I didn’t write it down, but the jest of the saying was that peace is not defined by leading a trouble-free existence, but by moving through the conflict with a calm heart. Whoa, where can I buy that in pill form?

When I saw the rain this morning, I was tempted to stay in my jammies, but I opted for shower and church instead. I have a complicated relationship with organized religion, but I thought it would at least give me an hour and 10 minutes to sit quietly.

The bell choir played, “Let There Be Peace On Earth.” I needed to hear the song. Maybe I was just open to other influences or the timing was good. I don’t even think it matters. Either way, it was a nice reminder following the one in Yellow Springs last night.

I managed to navigate through last week’s stress without turning to food. I guess what I want to know is how I’m going to keep a calm heart for extended periods. It takes such determination and persistence. I have to give it a shot, but is it possible to maintain that level of stamina for extended periods? What do you think? How do you do it?


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