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Yep, It Still Hurts

I have a little sore place on my tongue. It’s like a little infected taste bud, that’s what we called them as kids anyway. It’s just one tiny pimple-like place right on the tip that hurts like hell and feels like it should be “popped.”

I don’t know what causes spots like this. Is it from cramming overly hot food in my mouth or eating too much of something that was really acidic? Am I to blame?

What I do know is that it feels like a gigantic boil, and I’m pretty sure if lingers much longer, it will affect my speech. This phenomenon doesn’t happen often, but when it does I have a hard time letting it heal without a little “intervention.” I like to squeeze little bumps like this and mess with them until they linger for months.

The whole thing is complicated by the fact that I also keep biting a spot on the inside of my lip so now it’s inflamed and sore. When I stick the pimply tip of my tongue into the mini Grand Canyon, all the nerve endings in my head scream. You would think I’m smart enough to leave it alone, but I keep testing to make sure it still hurts. Stupid.

Is this human nature to keep repeating the same dim-witted behavior when I know the end result? Isn’t this what drives me nuts about my teenage son? I also have the tendency to push the limits with food.

I’ve been examining my eating behaviors lately. I know what I need to be successful, and I’ve been treating myself respectfully while eating mindfully. It feels good. No problem there, right?

It’s what can happen if I lose focus or motivation that is worrisome, or sometimes I elude myself to believe that I can be like “normal” people and just eat what I want. That is when I become my very own worst enemy.

I play around hoping I will find a better result than the last time. If my son tried this, I’d ground him until he was 18. It is this that gets the yo-yo underway, and I’m really tired of it. I wanted to conquer it this year, but as I face a new set of resolutions for the coming year, I know I still need to work on it. My yo-yo is smaller than it was 100 pounds ago, but the string still pulls from time to time.

It seems silly to think about all this now since my behavior is positive, but I’m trying to figure out what causes the shift so I can consciously avoid it. My efforts need diligence since it is a busy time of year with opportunities for eating blunders everywhere I turn.

Any suggestions? Insight?


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