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Bumpity, Bump, Bump

The last couple days have been bumpy, and I trace it back to the plan, or lack thereof.

Wednesday we arranged to grab a bite to eat to kill some time before an indoor lacrosse game. That was fine and dandy until I ran into an old friend, Tim Horton. He brought along a few mutual acquaintances, Timbits.

Why do those damn things always seem like a great idea at the time and taste so good going down? Once they mix with digestive juices though they turn into lead anchors before they find their way out. The “old fashioned” varieties nostalgically transport me to childhood. I didn’t practice very good portion control with them then either.

The unexpected donuts didn’t send me to the dark side, all wasn’t lost. I recorded them in my electronic food journal and moved on.

Yesterday, I felt like crap most of the day. I even thought about passing over lunch because my stomach felt queasy. What? Skip a meal? Are you serious?

I mustered through with a salad topped off with black beans, which didn’t really help matters, but that was the only protein available. I munched on Tums all afternoon hoping I didn’t blow chunks before the end of the day. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been physically sick in my lifetime, and I was not about to go down that path, thank you very much.

I stopped on my way home from work for a diet pop and saltines. I thought that might calm things down. That really didn’t help much either, and I still managed to nibble my way through a sleeve of crackers. Did you know there are eight servings in one sleeve of saltine crackers? That’s like 480 calories – crazy talk I tell ya.

After that I didn’t feel it wise to eat a big meal so I opted for two tablespoons of hummus on a whole grain cracker that I’m pretty sure was actually tree bark. I also ate a small banana.

A phone call with some discomforting news a couple hours later left me searching for something to smooth over my emotions. I thought some high fiber cereal might do the trick. Big surprise, after a couple bowls the only thing I felt was bloated. I guess the consolation is that I conducted a very economic cleansing program for myself.

I have a little better plan of attack as I begin a new day….mindful eating and spending some time in the sunshine.


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