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Success Beyond Perfection

I live in a lake community, which is a pretty social place, but once Labor Day arrives, everyone rolls up their sidewalk and hibernates until mid-May.

Some friends suggested we start a book club to keep in touch through the fall and winter months, but we encountered a few glitches. First, several in the group only want to read fluff. I like to read a junky novel as much as the next guy, but I don’t want that to be dictated by someone else’s guilty pleasure. Several women don’t ever read the monthly selection, and lastly, the discussion portion is really only a front to drink a couple glasses of wine and munch until we all implode. This is the part that causes me the most grief.

Last night we convened at my house. I didn’t want to fall apart in the face of some luscious dip that mocked me all night long. Mindless eating is not my goal, but I knew I needed something to fall back on. I decided the best way to handle situation was to prepare snacks in which I could safely indulge sans the guilt.

I made a huge veggie and fruit tray, and a green bean dish, which is on the recipe page here – search the archives if you want to check it out. I topped it off with the pumpkin fluff that I put in little fillo cups. I even asked a cohort of mine to make a “friendly” soup recipe.

Several women arrived complaining that they were already stuffed because they had been eating all day at various OSU football parties.

Why we do this to ourselves? Is food so ingrained in our social fiber that we feel we can’t attend a gathering without eating until we bust out of our jeans?

I think part of the problem is that we all come to the table, figuratively and literally, from different places. Some are consciously trying to “be good,” while others may choose to deny or ignore the obvious. Others have better internal controls than I do so sour cream doesn’t haunt them like it does me.

I was less than perfect, but I still feel good about the evening. I sampled everything and then got a little more of the things that I really liked. Each time, I filled my plate with green beans which left very little room for the hot Rueben dip, which was very good by the way.

I totally enjoyed the fruit tray with pineapple, grapes and oranges – probably a little too much since my mouth was little sore by the end of the evening. Only so much pineapple is a good thing. Even so, a prickly tongue is way better than a sugar hangover the next morning or a distended tummy from a tub of blue cheese spread accompanied with three pounds of kettle chips.


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