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Don’t Enter The Zone

lyle sick zone

Sonya visits Lyle in his Sick Zone.

Our flu-infested family is pretty pathetic right now. We don’t do well bunched up like brainless chickens in a coop. I can by the way speak to the intelligence of chickens. We raised them when I was a kid, and there is a reason they are so close to the bottom of the food chain, but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, we need our space to roam, and this flu bug gives me insight as to the true purpose of quarantine.

I believe it has little to do with minimizing the spread of contagious illnesses and more to do with the fact that when you are sick, your internal filter is nonexistent. Every word that you hear spew from someone else’s mouth (especially your family) seems like the stupidest idea on the face of the earth, and I generally feel a moral obligation to let said person know. When I maintain the isolation, it saves me from myself.

I can’t be trusted when my filter goes haywire. Yes, I’m sick and I certainly don’t want anyone to catch my germs, but more importantly I don’t want to alienate myself from relationships that on most days I find pretty fulfilling.

The problem is we all came down with the illness at the same time so we are quarantined together – that’s just not right. Sure, the rest of the world may be safe from us, but I’m pretty sure that we all need to be rescued from each other! I’m trying not to speak at all, which is impossible. I can’t even believe the venom that is pouring from my face. Is it possible to be quarantined from myself?

Today is my 24-hour waiting period – symptom free in order to return to work. Russell is about 24-hours behind me, and Lyle hasn’t had a fever since last night. I think we’ve reached the threshold of togetherness. I love them dearly, and I feel confident that it is reciprocal, but much longer and we might all be living in separate states, perhaps even in our own little 6×6 cells.

I think I feel the worst for Lyle. Since I experienced symptoms first, I claimed our bedroom as my sick zone. We have a spare room, but Russell put dibs on it after he stripped his sheets off his bed and then the washer broke – Lyle doesn’t like to sleep downstairs anyway. As a result, he is stuck on the couch in the living room where the dog hangs out most of the time.

I think to distract himself from tearing my head off, which I most definitely deserve; Lyle created a fishing pole contraption to play with Sonya so he doesn’t have to touch her. Whatever, it keeps him occupied, which cannot be underestimated right now.

I’m sure we will pull it back together, and I’m hoping it will be around the dinner table tonight. Since our appetite returned, I popped a chicken in the oven and I’m roasting some root vegetables hopefully that will do the trick.

I’ve been sick long enough so let’s hope this is the first step on the way back to normal – whatever that is.


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