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Don’t Ya Know…

Nothing in life is ever free, and some of the most inexpensive things cost more than we would ever imagine.

Sometimes I feel like taking care of myself costs a lot. I have to plan and prepare. I have to exercise. I have to go to the grocery and buy healthy food, which isn’t cheap. The 10 for $10 sales at the local grocery seem to be a much better deal than cucumbers – especially in February when fresh produce is hard to come by in Central Ohio. When I’m playing my A Game, I put a fair amount of effort into weight management. Is it worth it?

How much did obesity cost me? There were simple things like the fact that plus-sized clothes were more expensive, but what about long term costs on my body?

When I began this gig, my motivation was health related. My doctor had finally intervened and said that I needed to lose weight or begin taking blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. That certainly wouldn’t have been cheap, even with just an insurance co-pay…and would I have been around at 70 to pay an even bigger price?

What about other effects that extra weight put on my body? My knees and ankles hurt all the time when I was overweight – to the point that I really thought something might be wrong – ah yea, playing piggy back with a seventh grader 24/7 puts a little stress on the skeletal and muscular systems. It’s no wonder that I lived in a state of exhaustion.

There are also emotional prices to pay. Even now that the weight is off, when stop taking care of myself, I don’t feel good about who I am as a human being, which leads me down a very negative path. I know that I benefit today from living in a state of mindfulness, but that takes time too.

This process is about the small changes I make along the way. Sometimes I forget how economical they are because I’ve been doing them for so long, like adding a little exercise into my daily life or avoiding sugar. Some days are better than others, but when I can appreciate all of the things that brought me to the place I am today, it helps me live in a state of grace – accepting me for me, warts and all, and trying to figure out where I want to go from here and how I’m going to get there.

Giving blood the other day reminded me of the progress. They checked my blood pressure during the screening process and it was 107/65. When I began this journey my “low number” was higher than my “high number” was the other day.

I didn’t have to be at goal to take advantage of that bargain. My blood pressure dropped dramatically once I lost about 10 percent of my weight. Setting out to achieve life-altering changes may seem overwhelming, but in time developing small habits carry big impact, which are quite a bargain in the long run.


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