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Good Choice In Time

“The myth that we must have “time” – more time-in order to create is a myth that keeps us from using the time we do have. If we are forever yearning for “more,” we are forever discounting what is offered.” Julia Cameron from The Right to Write

I’ve been experiencing a bit of a writing block lately. I pulled out one of the Julia Cameron’s books that always help my creative juices flow. I knew something was brewing because my eating habits were getting squirrely, which is usually the first indication. But like most idiots I choose to disregard the little signs and wait until the big boulders come flinging toward me.

I guess I have improved a bit because I noticed before I did any true damage, but there was definitely a small attitude shift. Combined with the declining outside temperatures and decreasing sunshine, that could prove to be a troublesome mix if I ignore it for long.

I managed to get through the day without much difficulty, but nighttime munching started calling as soon as dinner dishes were put away, which was a pattern that filled my life 100-pounds ago. I kept looking for something to truly satisfy – as if it would come in the form of a carbohydrate!

I thoroughly enjoy food – I like going to the market to pick out fresh produce, smelling fresh ingredients. I like taking it home and chopping, sautéing, grilling and then sitting down to share a meal. I know that I need variety to keep me fulfilled, but I haven’t been paying much attention.

I complain about the time it takes to plan and prepare good meals and the time it takes to take care of me. I seem so short on time especially now that it is dark by 7:30 p.m. Don’t I deserve a little treat to make me feel better and to pass some more time on these chilly dark evenings?

Wah, wah…I can complain all I want about making poor food choices or the time it takes to take care of my needs, but I know the key to long term success revolves around satisfaction and I have been pretending that time has been the only thing standing in my way.

A few minutes ago I sat down and jotted down some menu ideas for the next two weeks along with a grocery list. Ten minutes. Hell, I’ve wondered around my kitchen island longer than that on the prowl to find something “really good” to eat. Since I don’t keep much crap in my cabinets, I keep circling in hopes that the pretzels will morph into warm chocolate chip cookies. No luck so far, but that’s probably a good thing.

Maybe I just haven’t made enough laps or maybe I need to stop pissing and moaning about the time it takes to prepare a satisfying meal and just do it.

Earlier in the week, I noticed a big improvement in my approach when I made the time to take care of business with household duties while still meeting my needs…I must continue the tactic on into the kitchen.

The weekend is a perfect time to take stock and make stock – the soup is a calling. I find a little tranquility when I create large pots of soup, and the end product yields a pretty good payoff!



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