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The scale was kind to me last week, but I don’t know if that was really in my best interest.

I try not to get into the land of scale aerobics, but I do step on once a week, and quite frankly I expected the number to rise just a bit, but instead it dropped. Woo hoo, right? Hee, hee I snuck one past. Past who? No one besides me really cares if my butt has 20 dimples or 500, and I’m the only one shoving food down my pie hole.

Last week, I made some less than desirable food choices, and I tried to accommodate the situation with a little extra activity, but perhaps the real problem was that I didn’t keep reliable records. Oh sure, I pulled the food tracker out in the morning and the afternoon, but during the evening hours (when I do the most damage), it lay on the counter unopened. Actually it was un-illuminated since I recently switched to an electronic tracking system.

Un-illuminated. I don’t think that is even a word, but it is a fitting way to describe my behavior. There, but not.

Since I’m not in weight loss mode, I can squeak by with those kinds of weeks on occasion. I also have been at this weight long enough that I suppose I have a decent sense of what goes in my mouth in comparison to the activity I get. It also helps that I closed my own personal boutique so there is only one size of garments hanging in my closet. I can’t become too clueless with that piece of reality present every morning as I dress.

Even though my food consumption worked on some level last week, my mental acuteness regarding weight management slipped a bit. When I saw that I apparently got away with my transgression, I experienced a moment of wondering how far I could push it.

When this type of behavior happened during weight loss mode, I liked to believe that it was a result of a plateau, even though I knew that I was really inducing the stall.

Scales may not lie, but they don’t always tell the full story. I must practice accountability to myself and the food that I put in my body and throw some activity into the mix to continue in a positive manner.

Turning the lights off doesn’t change the reality of the situation, but it may alter the eventual outcome. Is that really what I want? I think I’m better off behaving in a way that takes me down an authentic path even if I don’t always like what I see.


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