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Keep Your Head Down?

I don’t work on Fridays, which is a great thing, but I admit I wasn’t excited to find out that it was supposed to rain all day.

I got up and tried to wait the rain out before walking the dog, but as 9 a.m. rolled around, I knew I would have a long wait, and Sonya had already managed to shred several tissues as she dug through the trash. I feared the cat’s litter box would be her next stop so I grabbed my umbrella and off we went.

I walked with a mission. My goal was to march far enough that Sonya would come home exhausted and take a nice long nap so I could figure out what to do with the rest of my day. Quite frankly, I couldn’t believe that I was walking in the dreary mess. I even cursed the squished worms in the street for the smell they emitted as I walked by.

It was cold and wet, and I didn’t want to be out there. I kept my head down and tried to hurry the dog along.

Then I saw this leaf. Amidst the smashed worms, a far too energetic beagle and my desire to be doing countless other things, I stopped and smiled at the brilliance of the changing seasons. What other things do I miss when I hurry by on my way to the next thing?

I’ve been getting reminders like this all week long, which force me to acknowledge the bigger picture as well as the constructive actions I incorporate in my life on a daily basis – like the walk. I may not always make THE BEST choices, but overall, I’m traveling in a good direction, and that has to account for a great deal.

The past is the past, and I don’t know where tomorrow will take me, but I know as long as I take care of myself along the way, I’ll make out just fine.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. As long as you continue to find that leaf in amongst the squished worms, life will be good.

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