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Wipe That Look Off Your Face

My sister and I used to tease my mom that we knew when she was angry because her lips disappeared – whatever the chosen topic, it was no longer up for discussion. We would scurry off to our rooms until the coast was clear. Well, my sister would. I would generally make one more push just to make sure my mom meant business.

I get The Look on my face too. I caught my reflection in the mirror last night when Russell and I were picking up the family room. I can’t say it is an extremely flattering image. Like my mom, my lips totally disappear, but not because they are pursed so tight that it prevents blood flow. It is caused by the fact my lips dislodge from my mouth and wrap entirely around my head like something from the movie Alien. No wonder Russell mocks me.

Our dog, Sonya, gave the cat The Look this morning. Scandal approached Sonya as she was eating. The dog slowly turned around and just stared at the cat, but cats ignore the look – they invented it and know everyone else is merely imitating them.

I’ve been giving The Look to Russell and Lyle more frequently than I would like, and definitely more than they deserve. Can a look set a tone increasing or decreasing the positive energy in our surroundings?

I’m generally pretty upbeat, but it is inevitable that moods and attitudes change and alter my body language. It happens gradually enough that it’s difficult to recognize, or maybe it happens during vulnerable times, and I don’t have enough energy to commit to something as simple as remembering what look I hold on my face.

The Fast family is recovering from a bumpy period. I suppose it makes sense given the last couple weeks. While we weren’t dwelling on the fact that I might have cancer, I’m sure the thought wasn’t too far from the surface. I know I went into survival mode…I could only concentrate on the bare essentials.

It’s not until the job is done or the crisis is averted that I take a moment to sit down and remember where I was before all of it began. I think a look can make a difference; it does at least with me. Is that because I’m intuitive or too sensitive?

Perhaps I’m splitting hairs. I want to put forth positive energy for myself and to give the same to other people. Maybe it won’t change the world, but I like to believe that it will make the journey a bit more pleasant.


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  1. I am considering filler injections for just that reason. Mayabe if I had big plump lips, no one could read my face quite so well!

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