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Working In A Workout

I miss my relaxed routine of summer. I still woke early just not quite as untimely as now. I spent a couple hours writing, tidied up the house, road my exercise bike and lifted a few weights. Then I began my day.

I usually managed an hour workout between the stationary bike and resistance exercises. If the bike failed to get into the schedule before my shower, I grabbed a walk later in the day.

I liked it. Well, “like” is a strong word. I don’t think I will every embrace exercise in a way that I look forward to it, but I see such benefits that I make it a priority. More appropriately perhaps, the routine fit within my life and that pleased me.

When I first got to goal, I envisioned a buff body. After all, I was exercising at least an hour a day…shouldn’t that give me a little more definition or a flat tummy? Whether it’s age or a less than firm grasp with reality, that didn’t happen.

Maybe a rock hard butt is possible for a middle-aged woman, but this one isn’t willing to do what it takes to see it. I lived with a family label of Prominent Bottom aka. PB my entire life and I suppose a few more years aren’t going to kill me. That’s where the flattering clothes enter the picture. I focus on the health benefits of exercise, and less on what I would like to look like in a perfect world, or if I had a personal trainer kicking my ass every day.

I don’t know whether I haven’t missed my mojo since returning to work, but walking seems to be the easiest thing to fit into my schedule, partly because we have a dog that needs to walk. I’m a firm believer in a tired beagle is a happy beagle.

Do I need my head examined if I say I miss my stationary bike? Perhaps what I really want is the TiVo that accompanies the bike ride. Forget rolling hills and fresh air, just give me the remote. I have also worried a bit about whether or not I can get a sufficient workout walking. I think I can, but it takes longer so then I end up skipping the weights.

I was getting a little pissy that “my” exercise was being dictated by the dog, which I wanted by the way. Then it occurred to me that in another two months, I would long for the days that I could spend outdoors in the sunshine. Hello Melissa, remember you live in Central Ohio. November through April don’t provide the most hospitable walking conditions.

Switching perspectives made me remember that I’ve been walking six to nine miles a day, which are about 20,000 steps. That’s a lot of walking, and at one point in my life I would have thought that was crazy to even consider, but it really hasn’t been that big of deal.

A typical day begins with a 30-minute walk with the dog before I head out to work. That yields about 3500 steps. I try to get in at least 5000 to 6000 steps at work. Sometimes it requires a quick walk around the building at lunch, but that is a nice breather, which helps clear my head. I come home and walk the dog again, and then Lyle and I have been walking after dinner. I know it seems like it would be hard to find that amount of time, but the only thing that has really suffered is the TV. I don’t turn it on much anymore.

No TV adds another perk since lately I believe it is my unalienable right to eat whenever I sit in the glow of the television. Maybe I munch in front of the boob tube to keep from drooling, whatever. I just know the extra activity and less snacking gives me a little more wiggle room in my jeans.


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