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Today Meets Tomorrow

We all want life to be easy. It’s not. Period. End of story. But do we help or hinder our efforts?

Holiday weekends challenge me because schedules differ from weekday routines, and often meals are delayed. I can roll with the punches and work within the parameters given or I can throw caution to the wind and worry about the consequences later.

The problem with aligning ourselves with the Scarlet O’Hara mentality, “tomorrow is another day…” is that it often sets negative behaviors in motion that are difficult to reign in. The polar opposite of that brings rigidity in planning that can be equally as troublesome. Obsessing about food is certainly not going to bring about desired results.

I know there has to be a place in the middle. I started to write that I wanted to tap into other areas where common sense plays a part in my life. I am pretty practical, but staying in that land of even-keel gray has never been my strong suit. I’m a passionate creature, well monster sometimes, and I have to consciously remind myself to stay in the calm middle ground. Is my relationship with food just another extension of this?

I’m a big planner – it helps me stay on track with food and portion control. Yesterday, a piece of leftover eggplant lasagna had my name on it, but then a friend came over to hang out. Plans changed. We had a great evening and we managed to throw together a healthy and satisfying meal.

I still ate the lasagna and everyone else had burgers. We made tomato and mozzarella salad and grilled squash. Before and after the meal we munched on a few rice chips, pretzels and pine nuts. Oh, and I had three Oreos and a half cup of 1% milk. Did I eat more than what I wanted? Probably. But it was still a much better choice than a double cheeseburger, five beers and a bag of Doritos.

I don’t feel bad about over-indulging because I still managed it in moderation. I also didn’t delude myself to believe that I was perfect. I cannot eat like this everyday and expect to maintain my weight, but more importantly I have to keep my mind in a place that I am comfortable with the land of reality. Tomorrow is another day, but I still have to live with what happened yesterday.

It all centers on taking care of my true needs. I’ve had a lot of opportunity the past couple weeks to think about what this really means.

By the way, the biopsy was Friday. I’ll have the results on Wednesday. More waiting, but I’m trying not to dwell on it. The doctor appeared cautiously optimistic, and the procedure went really well. Everyone treated me wonderfully, and I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for thinking of me.

I want to take care of me because I enjoy being on this planet with family and friends. There is not a chip or cupcake that can trump that. Food is part of life and celebrations, but there is a whole lot of the world that I want to experience that has nothing to do with what I choose to put in my body. What I really have IS today. What am I going to do with it?


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