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Get Out of the Heat

Back from Tucson. If you are totally confused about the fact that this is the first time you heard about a trip to Arizona, Lyle worried about the presence of cyber thieves who might come vandalize our home. So, if any of you are waiting for the perfect moment, tune into another blog because I can’t be trusted, and if you are offended at the mere suggestion, blame Lyle – he’s the paranoid one. While we were away I posted sections of my book that I’m trying to get published.

My mom and stepdad live in Tucson, and we talk about retiring there, but we knew we needed to experience the heat before plans became reality. Holy shit. We stepped out of the airport into a 450˚ barbeque pit.

We’ve been vacationing in Tucson for about ten years – in the spring and winter when sane people visit. Words cannot describe the intensity of the heat. Well, a few come to mind, but I’ll spare you. And wipe the words, “It’s a dry heat,” from your vocabulary because 103˚ in the shade is freaking hot no matter where you are.

Eegees helped us acclimate, a wonderful sweet frozen concoction that is native to Tucson. It’s similar to a slushy or an Icee, but better. Of course that could have something to do with the dry heat. We ate them by the bucket – literally.

We woke early around 5:30 every morning to enjoy coffee on patio in pleasantly cool temperatures – 80˚, and we thought we stepped into nirvana a couple mornings when it dipped to 70˚ overnight. By 8 or 9 a.m. I walked down to the workout facility to commune with the elliptical and weight machines to lessen the effect of the Eegees.

We made preparations mid-morning to hunker down in the air conditioning for a few hours or we headed to Mt. Lemmon an hour away, which provided cool mountain breezes and much needed respite from the heat.

Tucson is in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave, but it did cool down midway through our visit. We discovered that 100˚ is the magic number. I don’t know if it is due to the fact that our body temperatures hover around that place, but at 99˚ I feel fine, and at 101˚ I morph into an overcooked bratwurst.

Heat aside, it was good to lay eyes on my mom. More than a year passed since our last visit so I definitely needed a Mom fix. She is one of the dearest people in my life and I hate it that we live so far away. I relaxed and absorbed as much of her energy as possible to last through to the next visit. (Mom, I love you and miss you already!)

I will say that the swimming pool delivered an unexpected treat. My mom and stepdad live in a retirement community, so as I sauntered into the pool area in my turquoise tankini I felt young and hot in comparison to the rest of the population. My dimply ass didn’t disturb me nearly as much as it does in Ohio – maybe Arizona is the place for me!


3 Responses

  1. It took me over a year of knowing you before reading your blog. Yesterday, I gave your site address to someone else and for the first time in weeks I had free time in the office and just started reading. Then a mild sore throat “allowed” me to just sit with my computer and read this morning.
    I’ve been selecting random dates and reading for, literally, hours.

    I appreciate your openness…authenticity…in sharing difficult times.
    But I think I appreciate your humor most of all. You asked readers once to comment on what they use to counter stress… I think humor is a legitimate antidote to stress.

    I’ll have to keep up with your blog!!

    While I sat here and read, I have thought more than once that it’s like having a good book to read.
    Surely someone who can do something about getting you published, will discover this someday!


  2. So good to have you here.

    Glad we didn’t totally bake your brain. At least you learned the value of the siesta. We are not old and lazy, it is just too hot to move outdoors mid afternoon.

    As I said, July and August are the price we pay for 10 months of no digging out of the snow, slipping on the ice, raking leaves, etc. And don’t forget the 360 days of sunshine a year!

    They say our monsoon will be back tomorrow. Figures. Sure wish you could have experienced the 20-30 degree temperature drop when that blessed rain comes down late afternoon. A gift from the gods for sure.

    I miss you already too. Quiet ride home after saying good bye. Paul let me sit in silence with no comment to avoid any visable tears, or me saying “you know living where the seasons change isn’t all bad!”

    Your spirit still lingers and I am enjoying going over the pictures and remembering the pleasure of seeing your beautiful face in person.

    Hugs to all,

    PS If I didn’t say it I am so proud of your renewed committment to your writing. Lord, a daughter with beauty, brains, compassion, self awareness, and on and on. How lucky can one mom get?

  3. Mom, I wish we lived closer. We really had a great time, and it was wonderful to get to hang out with you. I’m waiting for the flood of tears – they always arrive…probably in the car in the midst of a construction zone.

    Maryanne, thanks for your kind words. Humor sees me through a lot of situations and I’m not sure I could live without it. Feel free to pass the blog address on to anyone who might like it.


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