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Melting Magic – Fat Be Gone

When I first lost weight, I thoroughly enjoyed encountering people who I hadn’t seen in a while. The sadist in me gathered extreme satisfaction when I watched people squirm, wondering what was appropriate to say. It’s cheap entertainment.

Regardless of social conditioning, it was impossible for people to avoid the fact that I no longer carried a saucy seventh grader hermetically sealed to my body. “Have you done something with your hair?” might work for 20 pounds, but beyond that piranha infested waters lurked! It was fun, for me at least, and the validation felt fabulous.

Awkwardness subsided and questions progressed toward the how to portion of the program. What people wanted was the name of the magic pill and where they could get a lifetime supply. Hello, if a magic pill existed, I’m quite certain they would have heard the news from me as they watched my appearance on a nationally syndicated talk show or at very least some Saturday morning infomercial shot on the beaches of Maui (I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii). I certainly wouldn’t give it up in front of Starbucks.

This easy to swallow, time-released capsule melts the pounds away. Enjoy your favorite foods in whatever quantity you desire. Ice cream sundaes, no problem, and say yes to super size. No more inconvenient menu planning for you and forget that exercise! If you act now, we even include a month supply of Fat-be-Gone, the newly patented miracle cream that dissolves all the ugly cellulite within just five applications. Guaranteed or your money back.

Hell, I’d buy a little Melting Magic, and I’d probably put a second mortgage on the house to keep my stash stockpiled. The problem, and I hate to break it to you, is the magic part.

When I first lost weight, I worked with a man who was dying to ask me about my weight loss, but he was well aware of the landmines he might need to avoid. He finally approached and said, “I’ve been wondering about something, and I’m not entirely sure I should ask you about it, and if you don’t want to talk about it that’s ok, but I really want to know…”

I enjoyed the show and allowed him to wiggle in the discomfort for just a little while longer. Man, some popcorn would have been nice.

I gave him the abbreviated response – diet and exercise.

“Hmmm, how much exercise?” he said.

“At least 30 minutes with resistance activity four to five days a week.”

“How do you find so much time?” He seemed satisfied with that explanation. As he left, I noticed his step lighten – he dodged the bullet.

I realized that the more time I make, the more time I have, which plays into many areas of my life. As I move to a place which requires me to behave in an intentional way, I find all kinds of time. Obviously, I still operate in the same 24-hour dimension as everyone else, and yes I still find myself rushed on occasion; however, a shift occurred. No longer was I looking for magic, but acceptance was a long time coming.

Once I realized I held the answers, it compelled me to take responsibility for my actions. This is not to say I remain totally focused 100% of the time. Shit happens, and life is messy, really messy at times. I deal with it as best as I can, and try not to repeat the same mistakes. I may wish for a little magic from time to time, but I’ve found reality a little more helpful with weight management and life.


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