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Word to the Wise

Shouldn’t that the phrase really be “word to the idiots.” The wise have everything under control and don’t need any advice, but I could have used some the other day before I went for a haircut.

First, let me say that I love my hairdresser, but I learned a valuable lesson. As hard as it is to get an appointment (sometimes as difficult as being seen by the gynecologist), it is never a good idea to take the first appointment after she returns from vacation.

We all like to think we are rested after a break, but I’ve always said that we should all take another week when we return just to sort through all the shit that piled up while we were gone. Well, I guess it is no different in the land of cosmotology.

Let me throw another tidbit of advice your way. Never complicate a bad haircut with do-it-yourself hair color. Holy shit, my hair stood up on end before, but now I look like Woody the Woodpecker! I kid you not! I tried to take a picture to post it with the blog entry, but I can’t capture the true essence – kinda like you can’t take a picture of the grandness of the Grand Canyon.

I wanted a short summer do, and I got it. I usually love my time with my stylist. She is creative, and I like watching her work. I also think she likes cutting my hair because I give her free reign. It’s hair; it will grow. But I could tell it wasn’t going well, and she wasn’t quite digging where the cut was taking her. I gave her permission to go shorter. Let’s just say I don’t have to worry about my hair getting in my eyes for a while!

After I got home, I decided a little color might improve the situation. Again, it’s only hair, right? I’ve used the non-permanent color rinses before, but I’ve always chosen a color close to my natural one. Rosewood seemed to be as good a color as any, and it looked like a warm reddish brown on the box. Go for it Melissa.

Let me tell you; it’s all marketing. I would have never picked up that box had it been called Brassy Bozo Bronze or Woodpecker Rosé. I literally screamed when I rinsed the color off my head. Russell of course thought it was funny as hell, but Lyle knows better than to say anything. A bald man commenting on his wife’s hairstyle/color is not going to lead to hot sex anytime in the near future!

On the bright side, I don’t have to worry about getting lost in large crowds because my head nearly glows, and I saved a lot of money because I think I can skip at least the next haircut. I’m going to look at the experiences as testing ground for raising my self-esteem (and humor).

Gotta go…the circus is calling!


2 Responses

  1. Great descriptive writing! Thanks, I needed that laugh!!
    Yes, it’s only hair and it will grow, but in the mean time, please, please post a pic 🙂

  2. It is defiately in the genes!!!! Didn’t watching your mother do wild things with her hair teach you anything? Oh well, as I always said “It’s just hair, it grows back”. Let’s hope huh?

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