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Sunny Thoughts

Every morning for the past few years I wake up a half-hour early to write in a journal. I began as a result of reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I think I might have even discussed it on this blog at one point. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy this quiet time, and I never minded getting up early to make room for it in my day. It is one more thing that helps me stay grounded and in tune with what is happening within my mind and body.

I used to start journals all the time. It always began with a trip to a stationary store to pick out a pretty hardback book. Once in a while I would splurge on a silk-lined handmade diary thinking that if the book was truly unique it provided enough enticement to write down my thoughts every day. Regardless of the style, each book contained lots of blank lined paper. I can’t write in a straight line to save my life; as a matter of fact my penmanship leaves quite a bit to be desired. I’m lucky teachers let me out of the sixth grade!

I like to think that the substance is more important than the appearance, which is also a general life philosophy of mine. Anyway, I would write for a few days, get distracted with something and forget journaling until I came across the book shoved under the bed with the first five pages filled. I always thought it was kind of sad and lonely to see an incomplete journal, but I just couldn’t seem to keep up with it.

Now, I use a plain black and white composition notebook to jot down my thoughts. Nothing pretty, but each morning I fill three pages with free form feelings and thoughts. Sometimes spew venom, other times sewage. The only requirement is three pages, and it must be long hand. It seems archaic since most of my time writing is spent on the computer, but I think the most important part is the resulting quietness. This is often the time when creative thoughts hit, and I jot down enough information to return to it a little later. I like it on mornings when my pen can’t move quickly enough.

I usually make this time first thing in the morning while my mind is still a little drowsy. The thoughts fly and somehow I am energized for the day ahead. When Sony the puppy aka. the pooping, eating, chewing machine entered the picture, she interrupted my morning pages. I’m wondering if that is why I’ve been so grouchy.

This morning I decided to take my coffee and morning pages outside so I didn’t have to keep such a close eye on her. She played in the sand while I wrote in the swing down by the water. The morning sun shining on the water and warming my face was exactly what I needed.

I’m going to have to thank Lyle for carrying the swing down to the water’s edge. No, first I will need to apologize for saying it was a stupid idea to lug it from the back porch. I hate it when I can see how bitchy I’ve been!



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