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Here She Is

Sony was actually sitting like this - no posing!

Sony was actually sitting like this - no posing!

Well, I picked Russell and Sony up from Grandpa’s house, and we made the trek home. I have to say that the puppy has a super disposition. I hope it holds. Otherwise, I will need to find other accommodations -for either the puppy or my husband. Wonder which one would be easier to place?

Hmmm, free to good home 46-year-old man, cleans up after self (mostly), makes fabulous chicken tacos, leaves dirty underwear on floor, and puts up with bitchy wife. Or, free to good home beagle, affectionate, chases rabbits, howls, makes more messes than one can count, gives sloppy puppy kisses. Hopefully, we can all coexist! Send the positive energy our way!

Sony does seem pretty even-tempered. Russell started crate training her when he got her a week ago, and she has only had three accidents. The trip home was about four hours, and she was a gem. We stopped about every hour so she and I could have a break and then we were off again – no accidents (either one of us).

We came home and introduced her to our cat, Scandal. He still doesn’t know what to think, but so far we’ve made it without any hissing, and all fur remains intact, whew! I think it probably helps that Scandal weighs about 15 pounds and Sony tops the chart at 3.4 pounds.

On our way home, we stopped at a small-town pet paraphernalia (for lack of a better word) shop. Russell chose some kind of natural chewy thing for Sony, and then I was afraid Russell might eat it before we got home! I have to admit, it did smell pretty good. Hmmm, I wonder how many calories it has. Like I need to be craving doggy treats!

Wish us luck!


3 Responses

  1. Cute…puppies usually have great puppy breathe that goes with those licks and kisses! How can your husband resist?

  2. Lyle is actually taking the whole thing better than I expected…of course he hasn’t stepped in any Sony poop yet!

  3. So cute! Lyle will come around I am sure. He is a gem and I wouldn’t place that ad yet if I were you.

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