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Weekend Indiscretion

I haven’t been seeing the desired results at the scale lately so I decided to take an honest look at my behavior. Sure it is easy to blame the coworker who brings in the donuts, the husband who pisses me off, or the lake party on a sunny and warm afternoon. But who is really standing between me and what I want?

As I evaluated the last couple weeks, I realized my weekend food behavior was less than desirable. When I first started losing weight, I embraced the idea that life was a celebration, and I planned for weekend gatherings and other festivities where I might feel challenged. This inevitably forced me to examine sugar and alcohol consumption.

When I pour sugar down my throat in one form or another, it awakens unhealthy eating patterns and creates a vicious cycle that is difficult to banish. As far as alcohol is concerned, I’ve never been a big drinker, but it has a fair amount of calories. More importantly for me, if I have a couple drinks, I suddenly morph into a refugee from a third-world country who hasn’t eaten in three years. I feel the NEED to wipe out entire buffet tables, which generally also contain lots of sugar. See where I’m going?

Of late, the weekends have included way too many brownies, a few drinks and endless bowls of Chex Mix. Sunday comes and goes (who am I kidding, Monday or Tuesday roll around) leaving me craving for sugar, which lead to more poor food choices throughout the week. The resulting feelings of deprivation are not conducive for healthy living. I must feel satisfied in order to stick with this weight management gig.

Last weekend I decided to avoid sugar and alcohol, and low and behold I felt pretty satisfied with my food choices the entire time. I’ve been concentrating on eating wholesome food in its natural state, which has also added to my contentment. Oh, and I boosted my activity level – that was basically to get me away from the snack cabinet for a few more minutes every day. Out of sight, out of mind never hurt anyone!

It feels good to make progress, and sometimes it’s difficult to give and accept honest feedback from myself. It makes me uncomfortable to admit when I’ve been bobbling around aimlessly, but I suppose it is good to recognize it so I can move forward. Sitting and drowning myself in guilt or anger will only push me closer to that half-gallon of ice cream!

Perhaps growth comes when we reach a point that we can recognize and accept the change that needs to occur, and then take care of ourselves in ways that leads us there.


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