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Are We Doing the Right Thing?

OK, I know I need help with this whole puppy thing. Thanks for reminding me Nancy! Yes, I had pets as a kid, but one was the most neurotic schnauzer on the face of the earth. She barked non-stop and she ate my sister’s shirts and then jumped up on her bed and puked all over. Strudel was a good companion to me, but man, she hated everyone else she encountered.

As I was sitting in my chair last night after I posted the blog entry, I thought about all the dog poop my dad stepped in. It was the 70s and we had this earthtone multi-height sculpted carpet, which perfectly hid Strudel turds. Man, I learned some interesting vocabulary as a result! What I want to know is how my dad still thinks it’s a good idea to get a kid a dog. Well, I guess he just cussed up a storm and stomped out leaving Mom to clean up the mess. That’s the part I’m really worried about.

As we broke the news to Lyle, I thought he took it pretty well. Since Russell is still at grandpa’s house, I think there was a small part of Lyle who thought that we were joking – until the pictures arrived via email. He just shook his head. I was pretty surprised actually, but the true test of course will be when we bring Sony home.

Russell chose to name the little beagle after the video game system. This is probably good choice since being next to a dog named after electronics is likely the closest he will get to the TV now that he will be scooping poop and training his new friend for many months to come.

I think we are going to go with the crate method. Everyone I talk to seems to be thrilled with it so I’ll give it a shot. Shirley mentioned Victoria Stillwell and another friend recommended the Dog Whisperer. I couldn’t find anything on Stillwell, so I opted for the other dude, and then I threw Beagles for Dummies in my cart for good measure.

When dogs are full grown, how long can they go without having an accident? Man, maybe I should move into a crate! If I make it a half hour I think I deserve a treat!

I’m still looking for pointers so bring them on! I’ll post some pictures once we get the newest family addition home!


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