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Texas Sheet Cake Is No Friend

One of the boys brought Texas sheet cake to the lacrosse party this weekend, and I ate it as if I had never eaten it and feared I would never have it again. Here, I thought the 14-year-old boys were the only human garbage cans!

I woke up yesterday morning, felt like someone had beaten me with a stick and then submerged me in water. By last night my joints were aching so bad that I was convinced I must have lupus and needed hospitalization!

I was one with the couch most of the day, unless I peeled away from my blanket long enough to get more cake! Why do I let myself do that? I know how crappy I feel when I eat that much sugar. All I need to do if I’m in doubt is read old blog entries. God knows I leave enough evidence here to incriminate myself!

By the time I finally fought my way through the haze, I was so lethargic I couldn’t focus on anything. I was not worth a damn, and definitely not motivated for any aerobic activity – HA!

Even Russell mentioned at one point after everyone left yesterday that HE ate too much sugar. Was I trying to keep up with him, or maybe devour all the leftovers to protect him from the pain?

So Monday is here, and I must part with the fog. I know I will need to be careful the rest of the week. I can generally make it through the workday after these episodes, but then the cravings hit early evening so I have to be prepared. I made a smoothie for breakfast and I took plenty of healthy munchies to work. I knew I couldn’t afford to let my head wander off again.

I came home this evening and hopped on my exercise bike while I watched Oprah on TiVo, and I even managed to do some resistance exercises when I got off the bike. I could have chosen to play the shoulda, woulda, coulda game, but to what end?

I have a couple really busy weeks ahead of me so I need to stay focused to recognize potential hazards. I cannot allow myself to be distracted by more of the sweet stuff.

One day I will learn, at least I hope so. I guess it’s not all bad. I took a nose dive for a day and a half. It’s not the end of the world, but I certainly don’t feel the need to extend the misery.

I accepted no excuses when I put my plan into action first thing this morning, and continued on that path when I returned from work. I exercised, ate dinner and made earrings for a friend. All of those things kept me occupied. If I find too much idle time, I can always clean. Plenty of weekend party destruction remains to keep me out of trouble!

Wish me luck with the sugar withdrawal. In the meantime, I can rest easily tonight knowing that I’m back in the saddle having left Texas behind!


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