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Hold On Loosely

Summer looks as if it is here to stay so it only seemed appropriate to get in my car and drive with all the windows rolled down. The cruise wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t stick my arm out the window to ride the windy wave.

As I sat in my car with the tunes cranked, I teleported for a brief instant to me as a 16-year-old doing the same thing only jamming to 38 Special on an eight track player waiting for the click in the middle of the song. It was such a fond memory until I happened to catch a periphery glimpse of my arm flying through the breeze.

What the hell was happening? The wind had turned into a hurricane-strength gust pounding against my saggy forearm and bicep. The ripples across the surface of my skin were not a welcome sight. Instead of the 16-year-old, I morphed into Mrs. Stafford, a third grade teacher from my childhood whose batwings nearly wiped the floor as she transcribed daily assignments onto the chalkboard. I nearly slammed into the embankment!

Should I really be surprised? I have just been talking about eight track tape players, 38 Special and chalkboards. It dates me a bit I suppose. This aging thing throws me for a loop at times. I don’t think I’m always prepared with the changes that seem to occur on a regular basis.

I decided that I needed to pull something positive from the situation or give up riding in my car with the windows down. I guess I shouldn’t be so vane. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll be around a whole lot longer to watch other parts of my body decline!

Try again, Melissa. There has to be something constructive to deduct from the situation. I called on my new BFF, You Tube and perused some lyrics – Hold on Loosely by 38 Special. “Usually it’s too late when you realize what you had. If you cling on too tightly you might lose control…Hold on loosely, but don’t let go.”

Is this me or what? Did I miss the click of the tape and forget to notice the good I have experienced. I don’t think so. I am generally pretty appreciative, but I tend to balance it out with a heavy dose of self-criticism. Is this my way of remaining humble or modest?

Since music has been speaking to me lately; perhaps I need to crank up the volume to drive out the negative thoughts. I will hold on loosely and be grateful for the good, which there is a lot to be found in my life. Cheers!

For those who need a flashback, check out this song, sans the eight track click!


One Response

  1. As my mother once said, “If you think you are feeling old, just think what it is like to realize you are the mother of someone your age!”

    Love you, you hot little thing. You will always be young, 16, and beautiful in my eyes and memory.

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