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Yesterday was a lovely day. I led a couple Weight Watchers meetings at OSU, and then I met a friend for lunch.

I haven’t seen Becky in a couple years. We met when our oldest children were infants. We participated in play groups, which loosely translated into mommy sanity checks when we were both stay-at-home moms. For quite a while we lived close to each other so we would get together frequently with our kids, but children grow, we both moved and life gets busy. I think of her often, but see her rarely.

She is one of the truly beautiful people in the world, and she saw me through some pretty dark times when our twins died. She is a kind gentle soul and I am a better person for having her in my life. I miss her deeply so it was fantastic to catch up a bit. Needless to say, it was a wonderful way to kick off a long weekend!

As I left the restaurant, I rolled down the windows and opened up the moon roof – is that what it is called? I cranked the reggae and all was good with the world. I listened to Ziggy Marley, who I think shares profound thoughts through music. True to Myself hit me in a big way this afternoon.

I’ve been fighting with myself a lot lately, and I’ve decided to sign a peace accord with the food within my reach. Food has not been an ally as of late, and I need to make some changes. It’s interesting that this epiphany came to me through Ziggy – Lyle would be proud! Maybe there is hope for me after all.

As I think about it, I’ve been a worse enemy to me than anyone else could ever hope to be. I’m not sure how that has come to be, but as I listened to the song, I realized I haven’t been true to myself lately, and it causes me a great deal of stress, which means I turn to food. STOP! Put down that fork and step away from the hand grenade!

I’m not sure why yesterday was the day to notice these things. Perhaps my mind was free enough to wander since I’d been in good company. Sometimes the more I try to FORCE peace, the more it eludes me. It found me yesterday as I sat in traffic – listening to man with dreadlocks serenade me.

I would like to share the song with you too, compliments of You Tube. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Peace Out!


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