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Memorial Day Parties

What will you eat this weekend? How will it set the tone for this sunny season?

People often kick-off the summer with Memorial Day parties. I know I will be attending one. I’m headed to my dad’s house. I haven’t quite formalized my plan, but I’ve begun scheming.

I won’t leave until Saturday afternoon so breakfast and lunch will be well within my control. That leaves dinner and snack on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, the party and drive home. I need to take some food with me so that I can make smart food choices.

Going to my dad’s house is like visiting a Village Pantry or Speedway – there is temptation behind every cabinet drawer. Taking food is the only way I can minimize collateral damage.

I’m going to pack provisions that will include Arnold Sandwich Thins, smoothie mixes, 94% fat free microwave popcorn and fruit. It’s about a three hour drive so I’ll stop when I get close for some skim milk or yogurt. Veggies will be covered since they do manage to eat a lot of salads.

Dinner on Saturday shouldn’t be a problem. We will either go out for a bite to eat, and I can make my preferences known, or we will grill steaks. Add a baked potato and a salad, and I’m good to go.

Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to navigate the party on Sunday afternoon. I have no idea what they will be serving, and I won’t have much control over the menu. I think I will give my dad a call to find out what is planned. If they are grilling out, I’m going to take some veggie burgers. Otherwise, I’ll bring some other lean protein and make a big salad.

I want to save my splurge for dessert. Why is it that family gatherings have such good desserts? Maybe I would be cured of gorging at family potlucks if I found long blonde hairs woven through the cherry delight! Fat chance, my relatives follow fairly hygienic kitchen practices!

The good news is that I will leave the temptation behind. I just need to get through a day and a half, and I can do that if I choose to make AND stick to a plan.

I’m still thinking, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to share.


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