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What Time Is It

I was just sitting outside enjoying a cup of coffee with Lyle. It has been a beautiful weekend, and it was finally time to relax! Lyle asked what time it was, and without looking at a watch I said about 4:30. He double-checked and confirmed my estimate almost to the minute. We both just smiled.

Lyle is what I refer to as time-challenged. At the very least he operates in his own time zone. I fully admit this behavior drives me crazy. How can someone not be aware of the time? He also has no concept of how much time it takes to do anything from washing the car to maintaining one of his computer servers at work. Hell, I don’t even know exactly what he does at his job, but I can tell you how much time it takes.

When I touch base with him on the phone at the end of the day in order to plan for pick up and dinner, I calculate my own formula of when I will expect him to be ready. When he says, “I just need to check one of the back-up tapes, and I’ll be ready to go,” I know that means at least an hour, likely more. “I’m logging off,” translates to a half-hour, and “I’m walking out the door” generally takes 20-minutes.

I used to get quite distressed by this. I took it as a personal affront. I felt he was disrespectful of My Time because he couldn’t manage his own. It’s only taken me twenty years to figure out that he really has no clue what the clock on the wall says.

I firmly believe that it correlates to food. Yes, I know everything in my life seems to be related to food, but it is who I am so hear me out. Lyle also could go days without eating. If he is presented with a meal, he will eat it, sometimes even a lot, but I don’t think his body ever tells him when he’s hungry, which allows him to stay utterly focused on the task at hand.

On the contrary, it seems like I’m hungry throughout the day – like clockwork. I can’t recall a time that I even skipped a meal – that’s quite obvious by some of my before pictures. Now, I may have been forced by unforeseen circumstances to delay eating, but I can guarantee you that I knew it was happening! I can probably even tell you what I was wearing and who was with me!

Certain times of the day, food really screams at me. For instance, every day at 10 a.m., I must eat regardless of the time I ate breakfast or how much I ate. Of course if I woke at 5:30 a.m. it makes perfect sense to need a snack mid-morning, but I feel just as hungry at 10 a.m. if I eat breakfast at 9 a.m. The same holds true mid-afternoon. It’s as if I’m on toddler-time. Feed me on a schedule and things progress fairly smooth; skip a feeding and all hell breaks loose!

I’ve learned to plan for this. In the morning, I eat yogurt or some other type of protein, but I throw in some raw veggies to keep the monsters at bay. In the afternoon I opt for some fruit and a piece of string cheese or a high-fiber snack bar. I don’t know if this practice is really necessary, but it really doesn’t matter because it works for me.

So, maybe it isn’t so much that I really know what time it is; I simply know when it is time to eat!


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