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No time to Eat

I conduct myself with the assumption that I must eat a hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner with a substantial smattering of snacks throughout the day. I tend to feel deprived if I don’t snack, as if feeling my stomach rumble is a wicked thing to be avoided at all cost.

I packed my snacks today like I do every day, but I had a very busy day planned that didn’t include any time at my desk. Generally, I know that it is 10 a.m. by the two-year-old tantrum that begins if I don’t get a little snacky poo, but today I survived just fine without it!

When I sat down to lunch at about 11:40 a.m. I worried what my late afternoon hunger signals would resemble since I ate such an early lunch. Well, the afternoon passed just as easily! Like I said, it was hectic, but I also walked 15,000 steps during the course of the workday so I didn’t have time to sit and think about being hungry.

When habits are disrupted, it impacts a lot through the course of the day. I may have still been hungry at 10:00 a.m.; however, I couldn’t take the time to notice. It makes me wonder how much of my “hunger” through the course of the day is legitimate.

Since I didn’t munch my day away with all my “necessary” snacks, I felt like I had a little room to splurge later this afternoon while Russell and I waited for Lyle. I opted for a croissant, and I enjoyed every flaky, buttery morsel. Had I not been sitting in a restaurant, I probably would have licked the crumbs from the plate. That by the way really should be a socially acceptable custom!

We arrived home and I gobbled up a big bowl of homemade ham and bean soup, wheat bread dipped in olive oil and a big apple. I rounded things out with low-fat tapioca pudding. It was all quite tasty and I feel very satisfied. I feel like I deserve a special pat on the back considering that I enjoyed this meal while Lyle and Russell prepared homemade pizza. After I finished my meal, I opted for a hot bath to resist the lure. I think my fingers will probably still resemble prunes by morning – pizza is pretty tempting after all!

I could have eaten the pizza, but I felt like I need to keep really close tabs on what I eat. I was too much out of control over the weekend to risk a relapse. I feel like I must proceed gingerly, taking great care to keep my footing until the vulnerability subsides.

I’ll be fine, but I know it will take a few days for the confidence to return; I can be patient about the detour…I’m worth the wait!



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