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Stateside Again!

We arrived home late last night. Man, is it great to be back. It was a fabulous trip, and the students had a great time. It definitely didn’t feel like vacay since we were chaperoning 18 students, but the sites were wonderful none-the-less.

I felt pretty good this morning, but with each passing minute the jet lag starts to creep in. I should survive with a little extra coffee for a couple days. I refuse to take any naps since that will only complicate my life. I also have an appointment with my exercise bike this morning, and if the weather clears, I’m going to head outside for a walk in the fresh air.

Well, the food was spectacular! Big surprise, right? I thoroughly enjoyed amazing bread, chocolate, pastries, coffee and wine! I missed BIG salads, crispy steamed vegetables and huge glasses of ice water! Public restrooms are in short supply everywhere we went so I needed to curb fluid and fiber while I was there. Now I feel like I could take on the starring role in a Fiber One commercial at this point! My digestive system is a bit out of whack! I must be getting old to be concerned with such things!

I never quite realize how many fruits and vegetables I consume until I travel somewhere. I can’t imagine giving up meat anytime in the near future, but I think that would be easier than leaving the veggies behind. The trip definitely reminded me that I have made some very positive changes in my eating habits over the past few years. It’s all about the progress!

I returned still able to fit into the clothes that I packed – that’s a good thing. I think the walking helped tremendously. We logged between 12,000-20,000 steps everyday! I took my pedometer as a little anchor to remind myself not to devour entire pastry shops, which are more prevalent than churches and liquor stores combined in the States, but many people on the trip wanted our daily total. Interesting.

During the first part of the trip, I also managed to ride an exercise bike in the evening, which helped balance the extra food, but the second half of the trip I got sick and opted for sleep over exercise. Then we left for Paris and the bike went bye-bye. Portion control and very little snacking went a long way to keep the cellulite at bay! I may be up a couple pounds, but I can live with that, and it will take care of itself soon enough.

It’s good to be home!


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