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Where’s My Croissant?

I am having an absolutely fabulous stay in Toulouse. The students have been wonderful so the teachers and I have actually been able to enjoy an occasional cup of coffee during some down time!

Over the weekend, I traveled to the region of Provence, which is in the southeastern portion of the country. I have never experienced such beauty. The landscape looked more like what I would imagine Italy to be. That makes perfect sense considering we were only a couple hours away! The area was full of rolling hills and olive trees with the French Alps in the distance! I even dipped my toes into the Mediterranean!

I think the bed and breakfast where we stayed was ripped from the pages of a story book. I threw open the shudders of my window to see an ancient castle perched on top of a hill across the field. We walked along the edge of a lazy creek picking wild rosemary and thyme with the vineyard serving as a perfect backdrop.

We toured the region enjoying local open air markets, cathedrals constructed in the 13th century, and a natural gorge that the Grand Canyon can only rival. Each time we stopped, the next sight became my new favorite! And I cannot forget the cuisine!

The food has been nothing less than superb! I find the differences quite interesting. I don’t think any vegetable is prepared with less than four pounds of butter! I’m not quite sure why more people don’t just roll from one place to the next ~ everything is so rich! The food is wonderful, but I do find that I actually miss my garantuan salads and grilled veggies! I forget sometimes how many veggies I consume. In addition, the lack of fiber is wreaking a little havoc on my digestive system.

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. My Gram was always quite concerned with my bathroom habits…always threatening an enema if I didn’t have a “Healthy BM.” The mere thought was generally all it took to send me running to the john! Gram, where are you now!

I miss my family, big salads and clean public bathrooms! I think their may be two in the entire country! (No offense to any of my French friends who may be reading this. The Yanks have you beat on this one!) All in all that’s pretty good, and I am building a wonderful memory bank of fantastic adventures!

Nine days and counting ~ I still haven’t eaten a chocolate croissant! I’m getting a reputation at the school as being athletic because I wear a pedometer and ride an exercise bike at my host family’s house. I think I burst a few bubbles when I admitted I do it just so I can indulge in a little wine and cheese! Whatever it takes!


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