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Faking It?

An hour ago I thought I may be the worst mother in the world. My son sat at the computer doing homework, dawdling of course and complaining that he didn’t feel well. Then he started this gagging, burping, farting, stomach lurching thing that nearly sent me to the bathroom in search of the porcelain god. This is what came out of my mouth, “Make sure you get to the bathroom, and don’t puke on the computer!” I’m such a caring soul! Not a super proud mommy moment.

He got the last word because he decided to share all the details with me, which weren’t all that many considering I still think he was faking it. He moaned around for a while, but after I told him there would be no video games or TV if he stayed home from school tomorrow, he pulled out his social studies assignment. In my defense, I did check his temperature and give him something to calm his stomach.

So, was he faking it? Who knows? He seems just fine now. He and I are a lot alike in many ways. We both have a flair for the dramatic, which can be pretty entertaining to those around us. We are passionate people who let our emotions get the best of us at times.

When I’m in a good mood, it’s funnier than hell to watch his antics. It’s like reliving my childhood, only better because now I know how my mom felt. I catch myself with the same expression she kept cemented to her face. Of course when I saw her lips disappear, I knew I had crossed the line and better stop. My son often keeps going.

Maybe he’s faking it now because he’s simply resigned to the fact that he has a job to do, in this case homework. Regardless of how he feels about it, the work still needs to be done. Not pleasant, just a reality.

It’s the same with weight loss/maintenance. Sometimes I throw hissy fits, kicking and screaming that it isn’t fair that I have to live this way, but it doesn’t change anything. It just wastes time I could have spent doing something enjoyable. The task at hand may not always be easy, but it doesn’t need to be as difficult as I sometimes make it.

For me devouring an entire pizza and a half gallon of ice cream may be the equivalent as staying home and vegging in front of the TV. However, it doesn’t alter the work required and usually it complicates matters.

I’ve really been trying to focus on simple things this week, like tracking my food and only eating when I’m hungry. I’ll fake it until I make it!


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