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Alternative Approaches

Everyone I encounter lately is having a rocky time. Is it the time of year, the season, less light? I’m not sure. Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone in the dark with my thoughts. It puts my mind at ease to know there are others in the same situation. At least I can put off the intake appointment at the local loony bin for another week…or maybe it just means I’m in good company.

I ride the wave. I like to blame my typhoons on hormones and sugar. I’m not sure what the biggest culprit is, perhaps both are just an excuse to be a witch, but I am in the midst of some unofficial research. I’ll keep you updated.

For the past year or two, my body seemed out of whack, not quite right. When I talked to my doctor, he performed the obligatory tests and chalked it up to age and hormonal shifts in middle-aged women. My choices were medication or the crazies. Neither of which sounded too appealing.

I tried altering exercise, sleep, herbs and supplements, diet. Nothing seemed to give me enough relief. I finally went back to the doctor reconciled that medication was my best option. However, I read the materials and found a contraindication with an anti-inflammatory I was taking at the time for chronic shoulder pain, which I obtained after lifting weights in an attempt to alleviate some of the tension I had been feeling. Throw away the spinney hamster wheel already!

Hmmm, now what? A friend of mine told me to go to an acupuncturist for my shoulder, but it wasn’t covered by my insurance so I threw the woman’s card in the trash. But I found myself at the point where something had to give. I either needed to get my arm amputated, my womanly organs ripped from my body to increase household harmony or start looking at prison garb in a whole new light. Suddenly the idea of spending $55 dollars for an hour session seemed a lot cheaper than surgery, divorce or a criminal attorney.

Wow! If I could conduct all my daily business with needles sticking out of my forehead, stomach and toes I would do it! The relief I noticed has been profound. The shoulder pain is gone! I mean it. I was taking the maximum dose of medication and still experiencing breakthrough pain. It took several months of treatment, but I was on the medication for a year and endured two rounds of physical therapy, which isn’t cheap. During the course of treatment, the acupuncturist told me she could help the hormonal issues. What did I have to lose? I have noticed significant change with that as well.

Acupuncture may not cure everything or everyone, and I definitely would never give up on Western medicine, but I think there may be a place for both, at least in my life. Maybe it’s mental, maybe physical, perhaps both, and that’s why I believe in the complementary nature of each method of treatment. For me acupuncture works.

In the process, I examine my actions and the excuses I use to explode. I like to blame moods on external forces. While there are numerous things beyond my control, many others I can influence to help me live the most fulfilling life possible. It begins with looking inward. The acupuncture relieved some the physical issues to help me move toward a positive direction. It helps me cope. What helps you?


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  1. What really helps me maintain my sanity the most is that I now have a beautiful, brilliant daughter, just like you. I can talk to her about everything and she listens, understands and offers her younger wisdom, not nearly as old and tired as mine.

    You mentioned earlier the drama your son enjoys so much, and I can recall some of the same, with my lovely all grown up daughter. But I haven’t had to resort to the thin lipped look for years. They do grow up you know and I only can hope that you son does so as amazingly as my daughter.

    In the meantime, while you are consistently doing your inventory of all your faults, don’t forget all of those assets. You are obviously an awesome young lady that anyone would be fortunate to have in their life. Keep looking inward my dear, but don’t forget to take a moment to examine all the beauty within.

    You must have had some good upbringing to go along with the craziness. You are far from any looney bin. In fact you are an inspiration to me and others

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