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Stop Thinking

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I fit in this world, and I wonder sometimes if my perception of me is the same as the one that others hold. I believe it is probably an extension of the idea that I want my reflection in the mirror to align with my physical presence. But it goes beyond that.

Do I see myself as others see me? Does it really matter? I’ve always gotten pretty disgruntled when people act a certain way because they’re afraid of what others might think. It’s absurd – just be yourself. We don’t have to like everyone we encounter. There are enough people on the planet we can find a few souls with common ground.

But I thought of conversations I have with friends and acquaintances, and I’ll hear them say, “Well, you know how she is.” We all know what that means. Freda has some major character flaw that must be overlooked in order to tolerate her. We interact with her in spite of the fact we want to rip out her vocal cords and jab pencils in her ears.

Then it occurred to me, I wonder if people say that about me when I’m not around. If so, what is it in regard? What if I’m one of THOSE people? Holy cow, I might be! I think I have a handle on my shortcomings, but what if I’m so freaking clueless, I don’t even know?

Maybe it is just a full moon and Friday the 13th all wrapped into one piece of cosmic energy tugging at me, and I need to hit the sack early and stop thinking about this. That may be the best plan of all. My brain hurts…too many thoughts make my head swirl. Enough already!

Here’s hoping I make some sense tomorrow!


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