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Get Rid of Crazy

I didn’t have a great day yesterday. It was my birthday, and while I don’t like to whine, I have to say the day didn’t make any of my top ten lists. It began by cleaning toilets and ended with vacuuming, with some laundry tossed in to complete the martyrdom. It was absolutely crazy that I made a date with my toilet brush on my birthday!

The problem really came down to the fact that we were all coming down from an extraordinarily busy week. We needed some time to catch up and get things back in order. Somehow yesterday became the day to reorganize. Lucky me!

We did at least go to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. I practiced decent weight management decorum, but then I climbed on the pity party bus and wrapped up the evening with pizza. It wasn’t horrible, and I’ve certainly experienced worse in “my day,” but needless to say it left me with a lot of room for improvement as I began my week.

Monday is Monday. I spent my day in meetings which always makes for a challenging day. Lyle and I carpool to lessen our carbon footprint which may be a good thing for the environment, but that thrusts me into the Lyle Time Zone which always stresses me. This translates to hurry up and wait – not my favorite past time. I opted for a different plan today and walked in the sunshine to pass the time, and that helped clear my head.

From there, we went to dinner to give the birthday celebration one more shot. I absolutely love Cameron Mitchell restaurants because I can tweak menu items, and waiters don’t give my requests a second thought. I enjoyed a lovely dinner of grilled shrimp and scallops, steamed veggies, salad and a small dessert.

It was a lovely evening, but I still felt the need to decompress and feared what might happen if I left my evening totally open. Lyle was a little disappointed that I was clearly headed to the exercise bike as soon as we walked through the door, but I told him I needed to get rid of crazy.

I set aside about an hour, and I rode my bike and lifted some light weights. When I finished, I felt like a new woman. Praise the endorphins! Crazy is gone and she took Carb Queen with her. I’m now free to enjoy the rest of my week, and I have vowed that next year my birthday will not include any housework!



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  1. Happy Birthday – one day late! I can totally relate to getting rid of crazy. Sunshine helps (I think I’m solar-powered). Exercise is awesome. I often have times where my patience is gone, but the need for patience remains and exercise & activity help me cope, I guess. Like, I might not want to make the effort to pack the kids & stuff in the car to go to the pool, but if I just do it, the crazy is cleared by the time we return home.

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